Saturday, March 21, 2009

SCATTERED.. the way I'm feeling. This has to be done...that has to be done...this should be done that way... "Be still, and know that I am God!"
I heard our newest grandchild's heartbeat last night. This precious child of God is 15 weeks old, to be born 9-9-09...healthy and anxiously awaited! Therefore, the heading should be BLESSED BY GOD'S GRACE. We have to stop and listen to what He says...even if it is just in a whisper...or a loud voice...just listen.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


March 7, 2009 ~ Saturday
These last two weeks have been full of appointments between work...with the results being great...mammogram, echo-cardiogram, bone density scan. Waiting on the MRI results for the right knee, the pain being off and on since last April. During the summer I had to have my leg straight, whether sitting, standing or lying. Right biggy, pain-wise, but am always conscious of how I step, in case it gives out and I have to catch myself.
And, these next weeks during Lent will be very busy also with getting ready for Maundy Thursday Seder and all the worship services during Holy Week. THEN, two weeks after Easter will be Pastor Maxwell's installation at St. Peter! Tomorrow he is being ordained at his home church in CA. The parsonage is almost ready for Pastor and his wife to arrive, only last minute cleaning waiting to be done for the most part.
Today...I'm cleaning from top to, blinds, floors...moving furniture.. .with a wood stove (LOVE THAT HEAT!)it is VERY VERY dusty!!
If anyone knows how to save the layout when moving pictures, let me know. It never saves, just says it is and doesn't finish.