Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19, 2009 ~ Saturday
REALLY...we haven't been 'stuck' in Canada in limbo...just haven't had time or been able to connect to the www until now. So...from The Shepherd's Inn (where some 20 miles north the real wilderness begins...the last flush toilet rest area) to Grande Cache (on the Bighorn Hwy 40 in AB...they SAID they had WiFi!) to 20 miles north of the Yellowhead Hwy (where we received a txt that our little Karsyn Kay~6th grandchild~had been born...OF COURSE she's perfect!!!) to Shadow Mountains RV (several miles south of Radium Hot Springs, with WiFi but no time to blog) to the border (lots of questions, but they let us in anyway) and overnight at home in Whitefish. Then, onto, our son's home to meet, hold and love Karsyn...and where I could not AGAIN connect. Awesome visit with family and friends, then home again on find that the server was down for the day which coincided with our router not working after the server was again up. Still not on everytime we want to be...and I'm tired of chatting, over 6 hours in the last three days. Stay tuned to find out important things learned on our journey...

Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7, 2009 ~ Labor Day Monday
From Haines Jct. to Teslin to Liard Hot Springs to The Shepherd's Inn, 40 miles north of Fort St. John and about 840 miles from our Montana home. Leaving Haines Jct. we drove to Whitehorse, stopping at the SS Klondike, a sternwheeler that cruised the Yukon River, gobbling thousands of cords of wood a season at 1 to 1 1/2 cords an HOUR, transporting much needed supplies and people wanting to make their fortunes between this town and Dawson City and beyond during the gold rush era. Our next stop for the night was at Teslin (Yukon Motel and RV has THE BEST laundry ever!!!) the wind and sprinkles...after having crossed the third longest bridge on the Alaska Highway at Johnson's Crossing several miles north. The longest bridge on the highway we'll cross the next morning on our way to Watson Lake, the last stop in the Yukon. There we see the young couple who has been hitch-hiking from Haines Jct., having beat us to both Whitehorse and here...we having the motor power, they having the thumb-power. About 30 bison were on the roadsides when we approached Liard Hot Springs where we stayed last the pouring rain. Nope...didn't make the trek to the springs...did I mention COLD rain?'s still raining after traveling over 400 miles today... Consolation: a lemon/cream cake bought in Watson City...YUM!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 4, 2009 ~ Friday
Haines Jct., Yukon Territory...the junction to Haines (where there are hundreds of eagles and across the canal from Skagway) or Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway. Someday...SOMEDAY...we'll go to Haines. This time it'll be the Alaska Highway, staying in Teslin tonight, then Liard Hot Springs Sunday. Of course, the phone number for reservations is hiding SOMEWHERE in this camper, plus it's a long weekend for the Canadians, resulting in possibly no camping site at Liard. There is no termination dust on these mountains and it rained most of the night...doesn't even appear that a frost has hit here yet, but 99% of the way yesterday the colors again stood out along the road and on the hillsides. Most of the day was cloudy or overcast, making it all the more brilliant to the lens.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3, 2009 ~ Thursday
We are on our way an awesome display of color (colour in CA, eh...), leaves of berry bushes in a carpet turning different hues of red and gold with the dark green backdrop of the black spruce and lighter green of the not-yet-all-turned aspen. And when the trunks are wet from rain the leaves stand out all the more. One more night in AK, then onto the border, CA and the frostheaves to Kluane Lake...guess we'll have to decide soon which way we'll drive down, but I think it'll be on the Alaska Hwy as the Cassiar takes more alertness due to narror roads, some gravel and more wildlife. I want to go~THAT~way...SIGH! It's suppose to be sunny and in the high 60's at Talkeetna this week...hard to leave then, BUT by the time we arrive in MT we'll have a new grandbaby to meet and love!