Saturday, April 26, 2008


April 26, 2008 ~ Saturday
We are sad. Our oldest son and his wife lost their little still-to-be-born baby yesterday, but we know he is in Jesus' arms, whole and happy now, waiting to meet the rest of us. Knowing Jesus=comfort and peace.
Just finished an Athelas banner this week for a retreat using pabric...a fabric material that goes thru an inkjet printer and photos are copied onto the pabric, hence the p for photo instead of an f. young one and the two moms and if no little ones show up by the end of next week they will all find a new home...will miss their antics tho...

Sunday, April 20, 2008


April 20, 2008 ~ Sunday this morning there was a rabbit that looks just like one of the moms (Oreo)...AND another little black bunny. The look-a-like is probably 4-6 months old and, I'm thinking, a male, so...we trapped him post-haste and sent him on his way to a new home. Now for the little ones...and the moms at the end of the week.
Cold again...14 above this morning. I, last weekend...when we had summer. It was nice.
Our church is loosing it's Shepherd...May 4th is Pastor's last Sunday, so then we will be in the process of calling a new pastor, whether it be a candidate or one already in the field, God only knows. AND, thank God He does and has already prepared His choice for St. Peter, even if he and we don't know who it is yet. So...this spring and summer, at least, will be busy with meetings & cleaning/repairing the parsonage...which will be interesting because St. Peter's members are known for being gone frequently during the summer months. We're not going to Alaska this year so will be 'around', but will be gone several weekends anyway. All will work out in God's time.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


April 19, 2008 ~ Saturday
***WHERE DID THE LITTLE BLACK BUNNY COME FROM??? 2 bunnies & 2 moms...

Sunday, April 13, 2008


April 13, 2008 ~ Sunday
SUN ~ SUN ~ SUN!!! Yesterday was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L and it looks good for today, too...flower beds here I come! But, only after Lutherans for Life silent auction and spaghetti feed today. We must try to protect those little lives...whether they be unborn or old in years...all are God's creation and joy!
Bunny young one and 2 moms...and as soon as we know if there are tiny ones under the deck and shed they, too, will find a new home. We'll miss seeing their antics...running, hopping and spinning in mid-air, but...our 'under the deck' will be presentable again...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


April 10, 2008 ~ Thursday
...the day to reup minutes on our Cell One Alaska phone so we can keep our added $20 more for a total of $110 AND THEN WAS TOLD THAT AT&T HAS BOUGHT CELL ONE OUT, but ***it would be easy to switch and roll over our minutes by just GOING TO AN AT&T STORE BECAUSE IT CAN'T BE DONE OVER THE PHONE***!!! OK...guess what? NO AT&T stores in MT and didn't find where the closest one is because we aren't leaving MT this summer. Called their number and was told that our phone would be able to transfer, but, no, the minutes COULD NOT be rolled-over. Called Cell One back and they said again that the minutes would be ok...called AT&T, a very nice lady, who understood where I was coming from, called AT&T for me, talked to them, then I talked to the guy for 45 minutes and were 'just about there' when he said I needed a new phone...FCC rules that you can't transfer phones between told him I wanted the least expensive ($9.95), gave him our address, etc. and then he said, "I'm sorry, but the system doesn't recognize your address. Is there another address I could send it to?" APPARENTLY, MONTANA DOES NOT EXSIST IN THE AT&T NETWORK ALTHO OUR ALASKA PHONE DOES WORK HERE!!! I told him to***forget it and hung up***!!! I AM NOT recommending AT&T to anyone and will tell them why!!!
On the up-side for the day...called the state for an interview on food stamps for Kelly...a very very nice lady who said they should never have been stopped while waiting for a hearing on obtaining SSI and SSDI, so will pick up an application again for Kelly. AND, we are hoping it does not take 12 MONTHS for that hearing!
Rabbits and bunnies...12 bunnies have now found a new home (out in the woods where they'll be happy and scamper around without a care in the world because there is new grass growing for eating) now for the other 3 little ones and the two moms and dads. A little bit worried tho since we think there are new ones under the deck/shed. WILL IT NEVER END!

Monday, April 7, 2008

SPRING~weather has, but bunnies do, too...

April 7, 2008 ~ Monday's...sunny/snowing/hailing/raining...SPRING! Can't do lawn work, still too wet and, besides, the bunnies rule *BUT NOT FOR LONG*! The traps are set... WHEN I can do outside work, there is a lot to be done since we haven't been home for two years during the summer. Between that and trying to sell my wall hangings and photographs of our travels it might be kinda busy. Not too busy tho for our friends from Ohio who will be here the end of May, first part of June for a visit. We met them in Alaska two years ago and REALLY missed not seeing them last year...and, feeling special since they are spending over $4/gal for diesel to travel this way. We'll have a good time...and, WE LIKE IT THAT WAY! Other than sewing and matting photos it's the regular schedule around here...well, there are when someone got stuck in quicksand while 4 wheeling and had to dig out while pulling with a winch. Quicksand almost won...running boards were a foot under...