Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009 ~ Wednesday
The excuses: NONE
So...just WHAT DIDwe learn in our travels this year???
We learned that edamome with salt is quite tasty
We learned that it's easy to get lost in Denver and it's not a whining in the car we heard while lost and was a tornado siren
We learned that there are several different types of blueberries in AK
We learned that the USPS takes 5 weeks to deliver berries from AK to WA...hoping it "wasn't an inconvenience"
We learned that pootschki is cow parsnip
We learned that noosnick is an outhouse
We learned that Valdez has abundant snowfall...even 600 pounds overnight
We learned that Ninilchik feeds it's refs King Crab at the BB tournaments
We learned that Ninilchik has BBQ port tenderloin and clam chowder in freshly baked bread bowls for BB tournament concessions
We learned that in AK, 189 moose on Kenai Roads and 199 moose on Seward Hwy had already been killed for the year as of August, 2009
We learned that cabbage/broccoli fed moose is very good eating
We learned that the best raised crunchy donut sticks are the best at Moose On the Loose Bakery in Soldotna, AK
We learned that donut holes are the best at Golden Donuts on Odor and Tudis...oops, Odis and Anchorage
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY we learned that God is always blessing us no matter where we are...with protection while traveling and the opportunity TO travel to see family and friends...and...with our sixth grandchild on 9/9/09, a beautiful healthy baby girl who we were able to hold and love only 2 days after she was born!

Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2, 2009 ~ Friday this isn't about what we learned on our journey...that will be next. A couple last weekend and one this weekend...are very much more important. Last week we went to Sandpoint, ID for our greatniece's wedding...a good visit with relatives and all with beautiful weather, unlike this weekend where, in Sister, OR, where it's usually in the 70's and sunny, snow is predicted...and the wedding is OUTSIDE. Might be interesting... Last week's wedding was interesting, too, in that the groom kinda broke his ankle 2 days before...yup, at the bachelor party, but they still did stand up and say their vows while he teetered on his booted foot.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19, 2009 ~ Saturday
REALLY...we haven't been 'stuck' in Canada in limbo...just haven't had time or been able to connect to the www until now. So...from The Shepherd's Inn (where some 20 miles north the real wilderness begins...the last flush toilet rest area) to Grande Cache (on the Bighorn Hwy 40 in AB...they SAID they had WiFi!) to 20 miles north of the Yellowhead Hwy (where we received a txt that our little Karsyn Kay~6th grandchild~had been born...OF COURSE she's perfect!!!) to Shadow Mountains RV (several miles south of Radium Hot Springs, with WiFi but no time to blog) to the border (lots of questions, but they let us in anyway) and overnight at home in Whitefish. Then, onto, our son's home to meet, hold and love Karsyn...and where I could not AGAIN connect. Awesome visit with family and friends, then home again on find that the server was down for the day which coincided with our router not working after the server was again up. Still not on everytime we want to be...and I'm tired of chatting, over 6 hours in the last three days. Stay tuned to find out important things learned on our journey...

Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7, 2009 ~ Labor Day Monday
From Haines Jct. to Teslin to Liard Hot Springs to The Shepherd's Inn, 40 miles north of Fort St. John and about 840 miles from our Montana home. Leaving Haines Jct. we drove to Whitehorse, stopping at the SS Klondike, a sternwheeler that cruised the Yukon River, gobbling thousands of cords of wood a season at 1 to 1 1/2 cords an HOUR, transporting much needed supplies and people wanting to make their fortunes between this town and Dawson City and beyond during the gold rush era. Our next stop for the night was at Teslin (Yukon Motel and RV has THE BEST laundry ever!!!) the wind and sprinkles...after having crossed the third longest bridge on the Alaska Highway at Johnson's Crossing several miles north. The longest bridge on the highway we'll cross the next morning on our way to Watson Lake, the last stop in the Yukon. There we see the young couple who has been hitch-hiking from Haines Jct., having beat us to both Whitehorse and here...we having the motor power, they having the thumb-power. About 30 bison were on the roadsides when we approached Liard Hot Springs where we stayed last the pouring rain. Nope...didn't make the trek to the springs...did I mention COLD rain?'s still raining after traveling over 400 miles today... Consolation: a lemon/cream cake bought in Watson City...YUM!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 4, 2009 ~ Friday
Haines Jct., Yukon Territory...the junction to Haines (where there are hundreds of eagles and across the canal from Skagway) or Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway. Someday...SOMEDAY...we'll go to Haines. This time it'll be the Alaska Highway, staying in Teslin tonight, then Liard Hot Springs Sunday. Of course, the phone number for reservations is hiding SOMEWHERE in this camper, plus it's a long weekend for the Canadians, resulting in possibly no camping site at Liard. There is no termination dust on these mountains and it rained most of the night...doesn't even appear that a frost has hit here yet, but 99% of the way yesterday the colors again stood out along the road and on the hillsides. Most of the day was cloudy or overcast, making it all the more brilliant to the lens.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3, 2009 ~ Thursday
We are on our way an awesome display of color (colour in CA, eh...), leaves of berry bushes in a carpet turning different hues of red and gold with the dark green backdrop of the black spruce and lighter green of the not-yet-all-turned aspen. And when the trunks are wet from rain the leaves stand out all the more. One more night in AK, then onto the border, CA and the frostheaves to Kluane Lake...guess we'll have to decide soon which way we'll drive down, but I think it'll be on the Alaska Hwy as the Cassiar takes more alertness due to narror roads, some gravel and more wildlife. I want to go~THAT~way...SIGH! It's suppose to be sunny and in the high 60's at Talkeetna this week...hard to leave then, BUT by the time we arrive in MT we'll have a new grandbaby to meet and love!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29, 2009 ~ Saturday any given moment. One day Cindy and I were at the beach with sun, came home and it had poured, BUT there have been beautiful sunsets and great views of the inlet and AIR. Cindy and I have been to Homer...the Spit...Soldotna...Kenai~playing tourist, shopping, eating and rolfing.
OK...look a little closer at that last word...ROLFING. It's the deep massaging of our integrated connective tissue which relaxes the muscles, ligaments, tendons; thereby, making everything fall into place...better alignment!. It's WONDERFUL!
While on the Spit we saw paintings of wooden boats at old Ninilchik Village...ones neither one of us have seen before, BUT I went hunting today and found them...hidden in the pootschki right by the old noosnick.
On~to Talkeetna in a day or two...checking mail for the last time and finding out if any of my 'wares' have sold.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009 ~ Wednesday
Outside of Ninilchik at our nephew's place...raining this morning, BUT the sunset last evening was awesome! Deep orange with lighter purple...and earlier we could see all three volcanoes, called AIR for Mt. Augustine (usually can't see from this beach), Mt. Illiama, and Mt. Redoubt (spewing smoke...the one that has erupted a few times this year). No pictures...forgot the camera and, besides, the light was so soft everything would have blended. A cow moose with twins has been hanging around, but, of course, where I am no wildlife is usually found. She was probably munching outside my window during the night while I was blissfully sleeping... As far as halibut fishing...already done! Our niece was working on a fishing charter all summer and we can get however much we would like to have from her stash...which means we won't be able to hear Jack talk about chickens or monkeys this year. OK...explanation: with pain meds and sleeping meds a patch for motion sickness brings out the best in him...

Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009 ~ Monday
Found my camera…just beautiful on Saturday morning as we drove to the berry picking hill Jeff had found last year… According to another berry book, there are several different types of blueberries in AK, these the low- bush with the hillside cushion-y enough to sit (or in my case, roll since I miscalculated the level of the hill) to get those little-r than the Talkeetna berries, WHICH DID turn out to be what we have in MT…HUCKLEBERRIES. My sister will be kinda surprised when she receives those…she’d asked me to send the low bush, I’m sure! While on the hillside Jeff received a call from a truck farm who had asked him to dispose of a cow moose, with Fish and Game approval, that had been munching on over $1000 worth of vegetables a day…that she and her two 2 year old calves were again in the cabbage patch. So, in the evening Jeff ‘made like a cabbage’ and just as he was about to give up cabbage control for the night the moose appeared about 20 feet away. The steak we had for breakfast on Sunday was fork tender and tasted wonderful…as will be the ribs BBQ’ed tonight! Sunday was Janell’s and my day…going to Anchorage to do whatever we wanted~going to the open air market, talking, relaxing, shopping…at a book store, my downfall always. Tuesday the plan is traveling down to Ninilchik on the Kenai for 2-3 days…MAYBE going halibut fishing, although doubtful.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 22, 2009 ~ Saturday
...the day after the night before. The raspberry beer imported from Belgium... The catch out of Kodiak of grilled wild king salmon and breaded, deep fried in olive oil, halibut (how many people can say they've tasted either, let alone ate both fresh out of the cold Alaskan waters!)... The rice and salad and rolls... AND, MOST OF ALL, together with friends again...what an awesome feeling! The plan for today...picking blueberries (I'm not all that sure they aren't huckleberries, but that's not what the book says) up on Hatcher Pass, an old mining district still with old tumbled down buildings. My camera! Where's my camera!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

August 21, 2009 ~ Friday
We had a wonderful relaxing time this week...part of it was in the camper because of the rain, but when those clouds go away and the sun shines between the trees it's just wonderful...sparkling off the rain drops on the fireweed petals, or what's left of the flowers. Yup...that time of year. The Natives say when the last bloom is done it'll be 6 weeks until the first snowfall. Some are still blooming, but all that have bloomed have gone to seed...just like the cottonwood seeds flying around, except these are longer, catching in everything...screen doors, clothes, eyelashes, hair, socks, food (and with the little black bugs makes for a good meal!)... Also, picked some more blueberries and they are on their way to Vancouver, a coffee can...wrapped with duct tape. Duct tape and blue tarps...the AK way. Jack was logging...cut down a dead spruce by the road this week...and put up our address number close to the road. I'd post pictures, but I see I don't have any...probably due to the fact that I burned DVD's yesterday and didn't realize I was transferring them...that's the pits! Denali~The Mountain~yesterday and today was the clearest I've ever smoke or clouds, so, of course, I took more pictures while picking berries and then on the way into Talkeetna today. We're in Palmer now, having shopped in Wasilla and are headed to good friends for the weekend. Next week, Monday or Tuesday ~ the Kenai...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15, 2009 ~ Saturday
It's raining...we are damp...we are at a campground in Talkeetna...we are hooked up to electric...we are charging batteries that were low...we are drying out...we are happy. We are also right by the RR and the airport so can see the bus/train transfers and small planes and helicopters taking off/landing. Talkeetna is the 'jumping off place' for climbing Denali and for the air/boat tours of 'the mountain' and area. This past Monday we met some friends from MT who we haven't seen in 13 years. They had a few hours layover before flying out that night after a cruise up the inside passage. It's soooo cool to see/meet people up here, help them with their sight-seeing...and even give them some fresh picked Alaskan blueberries! Tomorrow we'll be seeing friends who live in Palmer and in a few days go to their house for salmon and halibut just caught in Kodiak a week ago! I'll be picking more blueberries (reminds me of huckleberries...a party in your mouth!) this next week, either in the wet and rain or with the mosquitoes and little black flies. OK...I'm going to have to bite the bullet and walk in the rain to "beautiful downtown Talkeetna". It's a must...

Monday, August 10, 2009

August 9, 2009 ~ Sunday
The C-PAP came in the mail on Friday…now no more snoring, BUT maybe that would have been better the last two nights because I’ve had really weird dreams…ugly ones, in fact. After returning home on Friday I picked blueberries with the mosquitoes…and there are many more, of both. Next time…a mosquito jacket from Freddy’s. Saturday was a beautiful day! High wispy clouds…just sat by the fire with the little black flies (can feel them stomping on my head, in the hair)… reading ‘A Land Gone Lonesome’ by Dan O’Neill…a VERY GOOD book about the author canoe-ing down the Yukon River from Dawson City to Circle City, siting important places and true stories of how the trappers, natives and people/organizations have lived and ‘shaped the land’…organizing maps/receipts…and eating crackers/cheese and sipping WINE. Just really roughing it… Tomorrow we’ll head into Wasilla, do laundry, etc. and meet with our friends fresh off a cruise ship. They’ll be flying out in the evening, but hopefully will be able to see Denali from the Anchorage area. Today started out rainy…and looks to continue…so will probably read and go thru brochures again, taking out exactly what I want to keep.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 6, 2009 ~ Thursday
So...running out of propane isn't a good thing...fridge doesn't hot coffee~the reason we are in town. AND no C-PAP yet so will have to come into town again tomorrow to check on that. Did check as to the whereabouts of my pkg. I had sent in late August of lat year to a friend here to try and sell...she did get it, but don't know if any sold this year or not as she had customers just at that time. Cruising isn't something that a lot of people are doing these days...
August 5, 2009 ~ Wednesday North Pole last weekend…celebrated Jack’s brother’s birthday on Saturday and Sunday we drove to Salcha to visit our nephew and his family. While there we cut and peeled three diamond willow walking sticks and went to the back 40 to take photos of the old homestead…fallen in cabin and a moose smoker. George Parks highway…Monday we left for our land by Talkeetna, stopping first for Bun on the Run sandwiches (yummy) and NO cinnamon rolls, stopping at Nenana and buying ice classic 2010 tickets (over $300,000 for the person/person[s]…split… who guess the closest time when the ice starts going out in April or May), going thru smoke until just 25 miles north of Denali Park, then seeing ‘the mountain’ in all it’s God-given grandeur…not one cloud!!! 20 out of 100 people see Denali while here…we’ve been in the 20% everytime… We have cell phone service…most of the time…at 39066 S. Malispina Loop! Monday night…Jack’s C-PAP quit…can you say SNORE???!!! Called Norco in Kalispell and they’ll send a loaner this week~YEA!! For a month~HUH??? Might have to go home early because of said situation. Tuesday we sat around the fire (hardly any bugs)…read...had a good relaxing time…visited with Kim (neighbor across the road who built our road) and Mark (the resident-do-whatever-work-there-is-to-do-person). Wednesday it rained…so started the generator and sorted pictures to post…also went thru all the brochures from the trip, weeding out things not needed…and…visited with Kim… The trail toward the back of our land that we cut 2 years ago is no more…over-grown with Devil’s Club, fireweed, grasses, little saplings, ferns…and mosquitoes, which I’ll find when I start looking for blueberries. The fireweed is probably 3/4ths done, the ferns starting to turn a lighter green, both starting into fall-mode…

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2, 2009 ~ Sunday
We're still in North Pole...still sitting in smoke...still having a pleasant time with everyone. Jack's brother celebrated his 72nd BD we will go out to our nephew's place, 40 acres with diamond willow they want cut. He was married a year ago...just met his wife and she is soooo nice! Their little one is 7 weeks old...yup, I've held, fed, changed, rocked to sleep...just something that's really hard for me to do...NOT! Talkeetna tomorrow...AND...on the 10th we'll be meeting some friends whom we haven't seen in 12 years! They now live about 4 hours south of us in MT...but must come all this way (on a cruise) to see each other again.

Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009 ~ Friday
Fireweed...the aftermath of a fire...whole mountainsides ABLAZE with deep pink flowers...and with every turn of the road even more vibrant. That's what we saw following the excavator load up the Steese highway on Wednesday...that and miles and miles of trees/mountains in the distance. Well, that is, AFTER mile 60 about because before that the trees along the road were too it's pavement and no sight vs. gravel and beauty. Going up was slow...coming back, faster. There are...COUNT THEM...only three spots to stop for 'resting' and when you're in a pilot vehicle you DON'T stop unless the one pulling the load does. He didn't...until he arrived at mile 114, his destination.
I saw three moose that day...two bulls, one cow...all in beautiful shape...and HUGE!
Yesterday Jim and Jack went east 5 hours to pick up a rock truck, piloting on the way back to Fairbanks. I took the p/u/camper into Fairbanks and refreshed everything...did laundry...shopped a little.
Today ???? Still smoky...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 28, 2009 ~ Tuesday
Happy Birthday, Amanda, day after tomorrow!!!
Only saw two big planes go over this evening...must admit tho I was in Fairbanks for the better part of the more could have taken off.
We're going up the Steese tomorrow with Jack's brother who will pilot a load up to mile 114 from Fairbanks. Circle is on the Yukon River and at the end of this hwy, but we won't be going that far. We'll be headed to Talkeetna one of these days. It's so nice not to have (mostly self-imposed) schedules...just go with the flow.
It's been fairly warm the 80's the past couple days at least, but nothing like the NW...triple digits in Seattle and Vancouver. In our little Lucy's town it's raining and cool.
Little Lucy...boy or girl we don't know, but our 3 year old grandson named the baby (our 6th grandchild) Lucy 2 or 3 months ago. The little one will be born the first part of Sept and all is going well...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 27, 2009 ~ Monday
I am sooo torn! Wanting to leave for our property, BUT the Air Force bases in AK are having war games starting tomorrow and this would be an awesome place to watch! I imagine tho that they’ll be flying where we’d be driving, too…
There are 450 fires in AK that have burned 5 million acres already! We just came from north of Fairbanks and it’s quite smoky there and is now rolling into the North Pole area.
My downfall…books. I have well over 300 books at home, the majority relating to the north…and today added more. Now, when I go into a book store I have to look at the copywrite date since I can’t remember which I own.
Iceroad Truckers…the tv show. My brother-in-law and two sons have driven that road many times and know most of those men. In fact, the youngest son’s wife is the daughter of one who was killed in 2007. His mangled truck is at the beginning of the show. My brother-in-law has ‘an escort service’ for these drivers…driving pilot truck for many of them over ‘the haul road’.
When we do leave for our property, there will be 5-6 days where I can’t add to the blog as we don’t have service…or electricity…or water. BUT we do have bear… Today we bought 20 bullets for the 44 magnum…and tomorrow we’ll find more. There’s a shortage here, too…people buying and hording because of what the administration is proposing…

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009 ~ Sunday
Tok to North Pole yesterday was driven while the folks around Nenana were having a fire storm...a HUGE cloud seen from the Richardson Highway north of Delta Jct.... am trying to download pictures, but they've been coming in all weird-like. What was surprising is that the cloud LOOKED really awful here, but disapated in short order.
We are parked at Jack's brother's place for a few days, then on up to our property...and it just so happened their grandson, all of 6 weeks old, be held. I'm sure he was waiting just for me...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Went to sleep after 10:30 last night...still w-a-y light...and woke at 4:30 with it being w-a-y light. One of my favorite things about the north in the summer months! We traveled about 300 miles today with the road in fairly good shape except for some frost heaves and breakup from perma-frost. We'd heard "the road was horrible", but found it much better than several years ago with new seal-coat over many miles. Probably the bigger RVs are not happy with it...AND the little old lady that was driving a car going about 10 mph looking scared to death. Had to wait about 20 minutes at the border and had no trouble crossing when our turn...asked only about fruit, vegetables, guns, ammo, and animals...told us, "Welcome back!" and let us go on our way. Homer, on the other hand, got lost at the border and we had to turn him off. We are in Tok, AK at the Sourdough Campground...nicely wooded with everything a person would want...including a breeze to keep creatures at bay. The little buggers at Liard bit...and the results of those bites appeared two-three days later. I need a back scratcher!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23, 2009 ~ Thursday
The sunset last night was totally AWESOME...deep pinks...oranges...every color of 10:30! Got up this morning expecting to go to a Tlingit Native Heritage celebration for a bit before heaing to Whitehorse and Kluane Lake, BUT what was suppose to start at 10am wasn't even set up yet and there were maybe 10 people walking left. Tonight we are staying on the shores of Kluane Lake at Cottonwood RV campground...a beautiful 'park' even tho it's very windy and the waves are lapping the shoreline about 25 feet away. Tomorrow, the border, AFTER traveling a road full of frost heaves...I'm talking maybe 30 mph in places. We've heard from those going south that it's very rough, BUT...we've heard that before and it's usually from the BIG rigs guys...the bus RVs...who go slow on almost all roads.
July 23, 2009 ~ Thursday Cloudy today and sprinkles of rain, but the sunset last night at 10:30 was awesome with pinks, oranges, dark and light blues! Yesterday we left Liard Hot Springs and drove into the Yukon Territory. The fireweed is in full bloom now as are other flowers…daisies, buttercups, different sizes of white star-shaped ones, dark blue-ish/ purple-ish tall lupine…all there to see for our enjoyment and the bear’s eating pleasure. So far we’ve seen three black bear (including the one with the daisies in his mouth), one cow moose, 4 bull moose and numerous wood bison, little and BIG. The campground we’re in (village of Teslin) has a wonderful display of animals in their gallery. The trees also have so many different colors, even a Russian olive- colored aspen. It’s Tlingit Heritage days here and I’m hoping we stay long enough to take in some of their culture. A weird thing happened last evening…we noticed the brake light in the cab flash on and off a few times. Don’t know quite what that means…no tail/brake lights? Run down battery? A short in the wiring? We’re clean again…found a laundry at the campground and only took $7 to wash and dry two loads. Showers felt good, too! Mosquitoes aren’t quite as bad here as at Liard…we have several (like 37) bites…some from horse flies, but the beauty and expanse (and the road goes on…) of the country far outweigh the itch! Last night a raven landed on a steel roof, probably 75 yaards away….and I heard the THUNK…then watched as he waddled up to the top, feathers ruffled…Nope, no photo…

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 21, 2009~Tuesday LIARD HOT SPRINGS…if you have never been to Canada’s provincial parks you are really missing an experience! Very very clean/beautiful/friendly…when you leave the site they come in with rakes! And power washers to clean the tables. The garbage is picked up frequently from the bear-proof recepticles…the toilets (not flushing) are cleaned and well supplied. We’ve been to the springs 5 times now (staying in the water probably an hour and a half each time…with cooling off periods out of the pool every so often) and will go early in the morning before we leave. And you meet the nicest people… from Canada/US/Germany/Australia, each so amazed with the road north, the people, the springs. We heard a rifle shot this morning and two this afternoon…sounded like they came from the lodge so wondering if they were scaring either bear or bison away, but didn’t see anything amiss when walking over to use the phone in the late afternoon. We’re leaving early tomorrow morning…after a soak…and will try to post at Watson Lake, Yukon Territory…
July 20, 2009 ~ Monday Happy Birthday, Lyndy!!! So…did not find a good source for plugging in at Fort Nelson… We arrived at Liard Hot Springs, having made reservations before starting…and found they overlooked us AND a 23 rig caravan has made emergency reservations because the lodge across the road has closed unexpectedly, BUT they very nicely ask us to wait saying they WILL find us a site…and they did. #40…beautiful, as usual and a bit more secluded than the sites we’ve been in before. That’s good since we have to run the p/u and generator to recharge C-PAP batteries everyday. The drive from Sikanni Chief Campground is about 350 miles and the road is narrow in places and curvy so the going is slow at times, but always awesome! We saw Bullwinkle and a cow moose and also a black bear. My understanding, from the people who are headed south, is that there is more wild life to be seen farther north…bear, moose, wood bison are ‘out’. So far, we’ve been to the springs twice and will go a couple more times today…planning on leaving Wednesday morning with many mosquito pelts…I’m sure enough for a warm winter coat. It’s hard to skin those little things… We’ve met, again, many interesting people. Three were biking down from AK together…one from Prudhoe Bay and another couple from Anchorage…friends who did not know the others were on their way and just happened to meet up along the road. They average 50-75 miles/day. Another couple had just been to Canyon Ferry, MT! The weather has been super nice with only sprinkles now and then, clouds or sun.
July 19, 2009~Sunday We’re headed north! On Thursday (16th) we pointed our p/u and camper north on 93, staying in Kootenay Nat. Parks Redstreak Provincial Park just outside of Radium, BC…a nice quiet place with trees and grassy areas. Redstreak mountain is the source of the minieral springs at Radium (not enough radioactive elements to harm or be of good to anyone…except for the good feelings of hot soaks!) Friday morning we drove the Windemere-Banff Highway (93) to Castle Jct., then headed up the Icefields Parkway and over east to Hinton, then hit the Bighorn Hwy. We missed Gregg Lake Campground where we’ve stayed a couple times so backtracked only to find out most of it was closed because of an improved water system that didn’t work. The lady told us there MIGHT be a spot or two at Cache Creek…or…Halfway…or… Graveyard Lake campgrounds, on a gravel road, the farthest only less than 3 miles (well, she was talking Canadian,eh?…kilometers…so that’s an estimate). We did find room…and others found more room…and more room (one big party)…at Graveyard Lake, a grassy area having about 10 campsites with 17 vehicles, but a pleasant stay as was breezy with no bugs OR bears, as was posted. And no big party. Saturday we drove to Grande Cashe, Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John (free wi-fi at the visitor centre), then onto Skianni Chief Campground on the Skianni River, 150 miles from the start of the Alaska Hwy in Dawson Creek. The weather has been sunny…until last night when it started to PLUNK PLUNK PLUNK…the sound of rain in a camper, actually a very relaxing sound. Today we are on our way to Liard Hot Springs for two or three nights. We’ll see what Fort Nelson has to offer in way of the net to post this.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009 ~ Tuesday
DAY AFTER TOMORROW...LEAVING FOR THE NORTH!!! We have reservations at Liard Hot Springs, BC (3 hours south of the Yukon border) for Sunday and Monday nights. The p/u has been 'overhauled' (air bag fixed, tires rotated and oil changed) and the camper was in at the RV 'overhaul place' today for a burned out ("it was toast" according to the serviceman) Happy Jack jack (at least the third time in three is no longer...wonder why!), a new rocker switch for the slide-out, and a 'new' cord for the p/u lights (running over it and stripping it isn't a good idea). So...tomorrow is pack day...before a foot appointment in the late afternoon...then leaving on Thursday after a hand appointment...both for cortisone injections.

Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10, 2009 ~ Friday
I am retired...the 2nd time in two years...from school food service and crossing guard and have already traveled to CO to see our daughter and then the Black Hills to meet my sisters and parts of their families. While in CO we went to Manitou Springs, a hippy-like town an hour south of Denver (loved it!!1) and then to the Royal Gorge, a gorge over 1400 feet deep where my niece did the bungie swing and we went down on a 45 degree railcar to the river. We walked over the bridge built across the river on the cliffs...kinda windy and a feeling of dizziness when looking down while walking, but so beautiful...God's awesome creation! Next was Mount Rushmore which never ceases to amaze me. How any man (men!) could have the foresight to imagine what came to be from a granite mountain...the brain, another of God's awesome creations! On the way home we went camping in the Crazies with our oldest son and his family and another couple. Flowers blooming in the meadows...tall Ponderosa pines...the sound of the creek...grandchildren playing...relaxing...peaceful... Our next travel??? North to Alaska next week if all goes well...until...probably sometime in September.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Saturday ~ May 23, 2009
Friends are like no other...tuned into your heart and knowing you...even if you've only met once for a few days, or have known them for years. I'm blessed to have friends like that...where you can just pick up where you left off, knowing your thoughts and feelings...sooo sooo blessed!
Memorial Day weekend...was to be a camping weekend, but circumstances have prevented me from joining with family. There will be other times...I've come to terms with it and the pity party is over. Now I'm delving into rearranging the garage, sorting thru papers, cleaning the sewing room...and maybe, just maybe taking a ride tomorrow to Canada for the day...AND remembering those who have gone before, whether it be parents, siblings, whatever circumstances...and those who serve, who have served, and those who have given their lives for our freedom...sooo sooo blessed!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Saturday ~ May 2, 2009 three weeks!!! Have you ever tried to take the mattress off an overhead slide-in camper bed? By yourself>>>turning and flipping it>>>by yourself? Actually, there isn't room for more than one, BUT it's difficult! Then there's the mattress pad and sheet...thanks to friends, I now use a dowel to help get the top end under the mattress. That took a couple hours...
Then...mowed the lawn and dug up sod to make life easier...eventually.
Tomorrow we have a voter's meeting after communion worship at 9:30am...first morning service in a year! And then a bit of shopping...for lawn stuff mostly.
And...we await the arrival of friends from Ohio...the dowel friends;-)...later this week...met them in AK in 2006. It'll be sooo much fun!
Have talked several times with our new pastor...God always knew exactly who St. Peter awesome is that!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sunday ~ April Twenty-sixth ~ Two thousand nine
...with a new pastor installed today...would you believe TEN pastors and a joint choir of three churches...the singing was AWESOME as was the message!!!
...with a friend who is also a pastor leaving his congregation to be a chaplain in the US Army to serve those who protect us!!!
To God be the glory!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009



Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April 1, 2009 ~ Wednesday
Yup>>>spring>>>snow showers>>>and my keyboard doesn"t alwwys work right>>>(these are periods). And...there it worked! never know where the cursor will be>>>or the quotation marks>>>or the caps...
spring break during Holy Week and we're headed down to see our sons and their families...5 grands with one whose heartbeat I've heard via e-mail!
St. Peter will have a SEDER on Maundy Thursday with COMMUNION SERVICE afterward...I've hunted down the lamb's shank:-) Then GOOD FRIDAY service at 8:30pm...EASTER SONRISE service at 6:30am...the next weekend LUTHERANS FOR LIFE dinner and auction at Trinity at 12:30pm...THEN INSTALLATION of our new pastor on April 26.
Hopefully, before that there will be no His time...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

SCATTERED.. the way I'm feeling. This has to be done...that has to be done...this should be done that way... "Be still, and know that I am God!"
I heard our newest grandchild's heartbeat last night. This precious child of God is 15 weeks old, to be born 9-9-09...healthy and anxiously awaited! Therefore, the heading should be BLESSED BY GOD'S GRACE. We have to stop and listen to what He says...even if it is just in a whisper...or a loud voice...just listen.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


March 7, 2009 ~ Saturday
These last two weeks have been full of appointments between work...with the results being great...mammogram, echo-cardiogram, bone density scan. Waiting on the MRI results for the right knee, the pain being off and on since last April. During the summer I had to have my leg straight, whether sitting, standing or lying. Right biggy, pain-wise, but am always conscious of how I step, in case it gives out and I have to catch myself.
And, these next weeks during Lent will be very busy also with getting ready for Maundy Thursday Seder and all the worship services during Holy Week. THEN, two weeks after Easter will be Pastor Maxwell's installation at St. Peter! Tomorrow he is being ordained at his home church in CA. The parsonage is almost ready for Pastor and his wife to arrive, only last minute cleaning waiting to be done for the most part.
Today...I'm cleaning from top to, blinds, floors...moving furniture.. .with a wood stove (LOVE THAT HEAT!)it is VERY VERY dusty!!
If anyone knows how to save the layout when moving pictures, let me know. It never saves, just says it is and doesn't finish.

Friday, February 27, 2009


February 27, 2009 ~ Friday
Does that mean I'm ready for the weekend!!! This week just has been busy with work and appointments in between so a relaxing weekend will be wonderful. I'm thinking a good Alaskan book and some clam chowder for part of it...
In the last two days we've had about 7 inches of snow again...just when the road where I 'cross' was bare! Watching the few flakes this morning I again was amazed at God's creation! Each one perfect, each one different...and, if He pays that much attention to each little flake, how much more does He pay attention to each and every one of us!!! So much so, that He sent His only Son to die...and rise again...for our sins. The Lenten season...pondering on how we can't save ourselves no matter what we do...pondering on Jesus who took all those sins, of the whole world, so that we might be with Him in heaven when we die. That is SO awesome!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


February 13, 2009 ~ Friday
...about not being able to delete out of back-up recovery so I have more disk space!!! Anybody know how?
Happy Valentine's Day, Saturday...

Friday, February 6, 2009


February 6, 2009 ~ Friday
Icy roads...for the second time this winter I had to back up half a mile on our trail at 5am...the car just was NOT going to make the top of the hill. And it was only another 20 feet!!! So, I called the school and told them I couldn't cross this morning. Tried again later morning, but a called 'the lunch boss' to tell him I couldn't make it, but one of my co-workers was nice enough to send her husband after me. The trails still don't have gravel on them and it's been raining/snowing off and on all day. BUT...a blessing in disguise because I could make some needed phone calls and not have to worry about stopping to go to work. Also, installed Trend Micro on my laptop...twice, because the first one couldn't after 30 min. since I needed an installer first. All this = headache; HOWEVER, I received a hand held massager for Christmas and that did the trick for my neck/head.
The fog has been terrible, but, there again, another blessing since the trees/fences/shrubs were all bathed in white. Well, some of them were only half white, a tell-tale sign of which way the fog headed.
Since I didn't make it in to church today I need to go before worship on Sunday and move boxes...maybe even unload some of them, organizing the office a bit better. And, still have to move the computer/moniter back into it's home, along with the printer...and then the copier. Kinda like the story of the man with a goose, feed, and a fox that has to go across the river, but could only carry two at a time...OR...moving vehicles from field to field with only 2 drivers. Now that brings back good memories of my teen years, helping my uncle in the grain fields.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


January 31, 2009 ~ Saturday
...well, it feels like it these last couple days, but we North Dakotans know better! Yesterday was beautiful with melting and sunshine, what people in NW MT look forward to everyday since it's, on average, cloudy 2/3rds of the time.
Our oldest son and his wife are pregnant!!! Due 9/9/09! The age span of the older two will be the same as the younger two. Needness to say, the Labor Day campout will be very close to home in case the labor day is a bit early.
Tomorrow after worship we'll clear out the office/narthax for carpet cleaning on Monday and installation of new carpet on Tuesday/Wednesday. I...ALL BY MYSELF...unplugged and replugged the computer/printer/router and IT'S WORKING!!! Isn't color coding wonderful! I was so worried I'd goof up that I marked each wire with tape and writing, telling exactly where all were to be plugged. During the time I can't be in the office I'll be 'playing' with power point in the sanctuary, transporting services from Lutheran Service Builder into our presentation. It's so nice having wireless!

Friday, January 23, 2009


January 23, 2009 ~ Friday
YES...we know his name, his wife's name, no children...and they are excited about moving to MT...have never been here before. He loves to ski and fly fish...just don't know WHERE he'll find to do those things! AND...we are excited to have him come to be our shepherd!!! The middle of April, or thereabout, is the proposed date.
I have my new blinds installed, thanks to a couple friends. Right now we don't need them, but come summer in the later afternoon we'll be happy they are, I'm off early from school and will put the dining room back in order.
The dog and the cat saga...still going on! I'm thinking they will never be friends, with the cat about 12 years old, she is just not going to change her likes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


January 17, 2009 ~ Saturday
I've been moving books and painting the office at church. We are getting new carpet installed the first part of Feb. and there are wall book shelves...and the ceiling...that don't have to be moved, so I'm ahead of the plan right now. It already looks fresher and lighter...a very small place, but my place of abode during the weekdays between work at school.
We will know all about our new Pastor by Friday afternoon! All we know now is that he's from St. Louis Seminary, is married and they are excited to be coming this way. Their home, the parsonage, is getting the finishing touches done today, so all will be ready when they arrive...which could very well be the first part of Feb.! I just know it's been a blessing during our vacancy to have Pastor get to know him and his family. He's a very compassionate and faithful Shepherd to all of us.
Our blinds arrived last week (I was suppose to open the box to see if everything is there, but then probably some things might disappear before hanging, so didn't) and will be installed by friends on Tuesday morning. IF we loose the HUGE chickadee tree in the back we will welcome those blinds during the summer. Yup...the tree is leaking sap big time...still stable, but...for how long???
We've had mild weather for several weeks the teens during the night, and that or a bit higher during the day. Freezing fog has arrived this weekend...pretty on the trees, but not fun driving/walking. Probably might be picture time when it's lighter...AND SPEAKING OF LIGHTER...IT CERTAINLY IS TAKING IT'S TIME BEING... IN THE MORNINGS! What's with that???

Thursday, January 8, 2009


January 8, 2009 ~ Thursday
...but don't know anything more except he's married and they are excited about moving to NW Montana!!! Well! Who wouldn't be???!!! Mountains...lakes...streams...wonderful people, friendly...usually mild winters...awesome summers... The winter placement is different than the spring in that the candidates know before the placement service... Why? Don't know, but I am really excited!
Still sloppy! I had to back down our trail 1/2 mile this morning because my car couldn't make a very small hill...backed right back into our drive and stayed home until the guy that lives here took me to crossing. That was fun, too...buses dropping kids off a block away because a car was stuck on the road they usually having to walk thru puddles, no way around. I must say the drivers are watching me much closer because of the conditions and for that I'm very thankful.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


January 7, 2009 ~ Wednesday
Remember all the snow??? Now it's raining...and really really sloppy.
Schmitty and Rainier had a head-on this morning. Rainier came upstairs and saw the cat and almost flipped heading downstairs again!
Yesterday we hired 4 guys to shovel the snow off our house, double garage, p/u camper, 5th wheel and deck...took one hour...I'm thinking of hiring out for that as the money they make is...pretty good...
But...that would be ALOT of won't.
Did I say it's sloppy????

Monday, January 5, 2009


January 5, 2009 ~ Monday
OK...Dec. we officially recieved 37 inches of far in Jan. we've received 21 inches. In 1996-97 by Christmas we had over 90 inches! BUT, now people are worried because we are suppose to have freezing rain/rain...then cold again. Oh, would be a good time to have a roof shoveling business PROVIDED you already have a shovel because those things are rare in the stores anymore. 90 shovels were sold in a hardware store this morning within a couple hours. A friend's snowblower broke last week and there are none in the NW states to buy and to order one in??? Feb. 15th. On my corner for crossing the parents are having a hard time trying to drop off students...banks are fairly high. High enough there could be an accident, not seeing cars coming. I'm thinking Whitefish doesn't have to haul in snow for the Winter Carnival the first part of Feb!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


January 3, 2009~Saturday
I really needed listen to Steve Greene and just hear what God says...soooo calming. I've just been too busy and this afternoon I just sat and listened...and feel renewed.
20 inches of snow yesterday...almost even with our front steps now. Rainier won't jump off...guess she knows she'll not be found until spring.
The photos...have been saved to a flash drive, now I'm tagging them which is pretty cool and didn't realize the convenience of doing that.
I'll miss the days for myself when I go back to work Monday. I'm just going to have to keep time for what needs to be done at home, too...hard to juggle when I only have less than 2 hours between work.

Friday, January 2, 2009


January 2, 2009 ~ Friday the snow falling. "Be still and know that I am God." He's graced our part of the country with fluffy white snowflakes, about 16 inches of them in a 24 hours period. Remember the enclosed fence we put up for Rainier? Yea... if this keeps up she'll just walk over the top. But, it is an awesome wonder...if God can make each snowflake different I'm kinda real sure He'll care for us no matter what comes: weather, decline of country/economy, any disaster He allows. And...why would He allow a disaster to happen? So we will trust more fully in Him, depending ONLY on Him for all our needs! Be still...God's grace is everywhere...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

JANUARY 1, 2009

...and I wrote it right for the first (and last?) time this year! When a person is still back in the 20th century it's hard to get those numbers right...
I am off this week still from school and I needed to be...finally getting insurance/medicare/medicaid straight for our daughter. I only have one more call to make and a copy of her madicare card to send to one medical provider...HAHAHAHA ...I haven't gotten yesterday's mail yet, so there may be more.
I'm also organizing somewhat at home...Christmas decorations/tree down and put away...and even my beads are a little bit in the right places! Also, going thru my 3500 photos, deleting or enhancing and keeping. I'd like to get that done before Monday...and it may happen! I lost all our photos of the trip to AK in 2006 because I zipped them and then they were not set up in the right format to unzip...for whatEVer reason, so I will back these up with a flashdrive shortly.
May 2009 be a joyous year full of God's grace!