Saturday, May 23, 2009


Saturday ~ May 23, 2009
Friends are like no other...tuned into your heart and knowing you...even if you've only met once for a few days, or have known them for years. I'm blessed to have friends like that...where you can just pick up where you left off, knowing your thoughts and feelings...sooo sooo blessed!
Memorial Day weekend...was to be a camping weekend, but circumstances have prevented me from joining with family. There will be other times...I've come to terms with it and the pity party is over. Now I'm delving into rearranging the garage, sorting thru papers, cleaning the sewing room...and maybe, just maybe taking a ride tomorrow to Canada for the day...AND remembering those who have gone before, whether it be parents, siblings, whatever circumstances...and those who serve, who have served, and those who have given their lives for our freedom...sooo sooo blessed!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Saturday ~ May 2, 2009 three weeks!!! Have you ever tried to take the mattress off an overhead slide-in camper bed? By yourself>>>turning and flipping it>>>by yourself? Actually, there isn't room for more than one, BUT it's difficult! Then there's the mattress pad and sheet...thanks to friends, I now use a dowel to help get the top end under the mattress. That took a couple hours...
Then...mowed the lawn and dug up sod to make life easier...eventually.
Tomorrow we have a voter's meeting after communion worship at 9:30am...first morning service in a year! And then a bit of shopping...for lawn stuff mostly.
And...we await the arrival of friends from Ohio...the dowel friends;-)...later this week...met them in AK in 2006. It'll be sooo much fun!
Have talked several times with our new pastor...God always knew exactly who St. Peter awesome is that!!!