Friday, November 30, 2007


Friday ~ November 30, 2007
IT IS COLD! Colder even than Talkeetna. Almost zero this morning. It reminds me of my in a bigger town just before Christmas, looking at the window displays, watching the pizza guys 'throw' the dough and eating hamburgers with orange pop from King Leos.
I've been viewing a, a site that lets families stay connected during a medical crisis. The families can post to this site and tell of their loved ones circumstances...and guests can sign in and leave messages. There are two people I'm praying for and reading of their days full of chemo, surgery, radiation...and joy, because they know Jesus as their Saviour. One is a 10 year old girl who has bone cancer...the other a 15 month old girl with neuroblastoma. Such courage these little children have...and their endure what they have to go thru...all with God's grace and help... My problems are so small...

Friday, November 23, 2007


November 23, 2007 ~ Friday everything. What an awesome Father, to GIVE us all we need to live in the world He created! And, to GIVE His only Son to die...and rise again...for our sins...and whose birthday we are to celebrate soon. Giving us blessings and because of what Christ has done for us. Family, friends, food, government, peace, work, freedom, shelter, clothing, health, recreation...all gifts from God.
Winter is just around the corner...the air is colder...needles are gone from the tamarack branches...craft shows have sprung up (purchased a wooden wall hanging with the sillouette of the head of a moose)...Cat/Griz game has come and gone, car has to be started several minutes before leaving early in the morning. It's been colder here than at Talkeetna! BUT, they have several inches of snow and we still have bare ground. Someday...someday, we might spend a winter...or our second home.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


November 10, 2007~Saturday~The Marine's Birthday
Working...subbing...full time now for over two weeks, BUT the district has a policy that subs cannot have a school key *SO* am thinking of becoming a part-time, full-time employee so I don't have to wait for another co-worker to leave the main kitchen and come in early to middle school with her key. Not any more benefits...except, that key. One fifth grade girl thinks I'm a real nut-case...told her she needed milk TWICE and she already had it. Mind games and smiles...what the lunch lady is made of.
There is now a 'nip' in the air and it is suppose to snow the next three days. I guess our wonderful fall weather is over for the year, but have really really enjoyed it! Have had to only scrape the windows in the early morning about three times.
All of both daughters' extras, in boxes, have been brought up from the shed and one has started going thru her stuff...organizing, throwing, giving away...reluctantly. The other will be going thru hers during Christmas break when she will be home...maybe bald, from a fund-raiser for a little cancer victim. 'Save it...or...shave it'...whichEVer bucket has more money in it on the 16th with ALL money going to the little girl for expenses. Even if thanksgiving isn't coming up we should always be aware of the many blessings God gives us by praising and thanking Him for all, family, food, wealth *AND* His free gift of salvation.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


November 3, 2007 ~ Saturday
I have to write quickly as we're suppose to have showers (rain? snow?) tomorrow, BUT the sky looks like it could open anytime. Usually we have about 80% cloudy days, but it has been uncloudy for the majority of time the last three weeks...just wonderful!
The mostly clean and organized. Now it's time to work on the tools, nails, screws, electric tools. Wondering just how many screw drivers and wrenches one person needs...
The Alaska albums...are done, except for the Native Cultural Center which will go in a separate book. Out of probably close to 3000 digital pictures taken, there are now 400...well, 400 photo 'sleeves' filled...some have more than one picture
...scrapbooking, you know.