Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009 ~ Wednesday
The excuses: NONE
So...just WHAT DIDwe learn in our travels this year???
We learned that edamome with salt is quite tasty
We learned that it's easy to get lost in Denver and it's not a whining in the car we heard while lost and was a tornado siren
We learned that there are several different types of blueberries in AK
We learned that the USPS takes 5 weeks to deliver berries from AK to WA...hoping it "wasn't an inconvenience"
We learned that pootschki is cow parsnip
We learned that noosnick is an outhouse
We learned that Valdez has abundant snowfall...even 600 pounds overnight
We learned that Ninilchik feeds it's refs King Crab at the BB tournaments
We learned that Ninilchik has BBQ port tenderloin and clam chowder in freshly baked bread bowls for BB tournament concessions
We learned that in AK, 189 moose on Kenai Roads and 199 moose on Seward Hwy had already been killed for the year as of August, 2009
We learned that cabbage/broccoli fed moose is very good eating
We learned that the best raised crunchy donut sticks are the best at Moose On the Loose Bakery in Soldotna, AK
We learned that donut holes are the best at Golden Donuts on Odor and Tudis...oops, Odis and Anchorage
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY we learned that God is always blessing us no matter where we are...with protection while traveling and the opportunity TO travel to see family and friends...and...with our sixth grandchild on 9/9/09, a beautiful healthy baby girl who we were able to hold and love only 2 days after she was born!

Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2, 2009 ~ Friday this isn't about what we learned on our journey...that will be next. A couple last weekend and one this weekend...are very much more important. Last week we went to Sandpoint, ID for our greatniece's wedding...a good visit with relatives and all with beautiful weather, unlike this weekend where, in Sister, OR, where it's usually in the 70's and sunny, snow is predicted...and the wedding is OUTSIDE. Might be interesting... Last week's wedding was interesting, too, in that the groom kinda broke his ankle 2 days before...yup, at the bachelor party, but they still did stand up and say their vows while he teetered on his booted foot.