Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday ~ May 24, 2010
2 months...maybe time for an update.
St. Peter has a Seder meal and service on Maundy Thursday...was on the phone with Darla (former pastor's wife...great friend and the one who always 'did' the Seder) in the morning to start cooking the lamb AND, even over the phone, she got it right! It was an awesome meal, with the history of the Israelite people's flight out of Egypt and how the different foods are symbolic of their situation. Worship on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter were very moving...for the first time we draped the stained glass cross over the altar, in purple, then black, then white...HE IS RISEN!
An exhausting time, but so well worth it!
I've mowed the grass 5 times so far...and will again on Wednesday before camping over Memorial Day weekend into the next weekend. Also, Home Depot made me a deal I could not resist and I ended up with 16" square red brick-looking pavers...50 of them...four trips with the car to get them home. NO...they are not all in where I want them, but the front of the house is done...just making everything a bit more riding mower friendly; therefore, more friendly to my body.
I'm just wondering where summer is...or even spring...