Wednesday, December 31, 2008


December 31, 2008 ~ Wednesday
...New Year's Eve! Remembering all of God's blessings to us in 2008! Let that ball drop and we'll see how many continuing blessings He showers on us in 2009! we go....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28, 2008 ~ Sunday
It's quiet around here. We are back to just the three of us, but had a wonderful time when Tasha and Shad, Misty, Lyndy Mae and Sterling were here...visiting, shopping, eating...just enjoying each other. AND, we got dumped on a couple times with snow...and now...rain, so the roads and trails are again slushy and rutty. Really glad I have another week off of work...planning on doing laundry, making calls, cleaning, organizing...HAHAHAHAHA! I'll let you know if that all happens:-)
We had a catastrophy of sorts this last week. The parsonage water meter froze, burst and flooded the crawl space probably ruining the furnace and water heater. Water was almost up to the floor joists when discovered...a blessing because we had just put in new flooring through out the house. The insurance company is one of the calls to be made in the morning. Midway Rental...closed for Christmas weekend...opened for us and donated the pump and in the morning the city will be called to check things over.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Monday, December 22, 2008


December 22, 2008 ~ Monday
Our youngest daughter flew in Friday for a week...and we've been shopping, went to a movie, 7 Pounds (good, but confusing at times and would have been more so had we not read the preview beforhand...and, I did cry at the end), eating out and just enjoying each other. Rainier (her dog) was so excited to see her!, but is also confused as to where to sleep at night, with her or with Jack. Yesterday morning our kitty came upstairs for the first time in 2 months...since we had brought home Rainier...and when Rainier came out of Tasha's room there was a HHHHIIIIISSSSSSS and Schmitty chased Rainier downstairs with three more hisses and in a second Rainier was back upstairs without Schmitty. Makes for an entertaining time:-)
Today is a shopping/have lunch with a friend/look for glasses frames day. It's snowing lightly, very little breeze...and cold still, but should warm up to the 20's toward the end of the week when our oldest son and family will be arriving to celebrate Jesus' birth-day with us.

Monday, December 15, 2008


December 15, 2008 ~ Monday
How many articles of clothing does one wear not to be cold while crossing on a minus zero day with only a slight breeze...thirteen. It's called...looks like a green nerd...walks like a penguin, but the nerdy penguin is warm. I'm just thankful we aren't in the Dakotas or the Northeast!
I am making my first batch of caramel for this year...recipe given me by a good friend many years ago...never fails, but one never knows if it'll be soft/chewy/hard...but good tasting any which way! Those...and snowball cookies, almond bark dipped pretzels and peanut butter fudge...are the main sweet things made at Christmas. Some of it goes to my sons and their families...some to friends...some to co-workers. There aren't any calories in homemade candies I've been told...
Our youngest daughter will be here on Friday for a week! So many things to house at friends/former Pastor's house...having lunch with former teacher/good friend...but most of all...celebrating Jesus' birth! God's gift to all mankind!

Friday, December 12, 2008


December 12, 2008 ~ Friday
The day the big blizzard and sub-zero temps are suppose to 10 inches of snow with wind and, then, in the middle of it -30...with a high of -9 on Monday...
I'll have to have several layers on for crossing plus hand/toe warmers...uff-da! I can't imagine not having wood for heating in case the electricity goes out. We could live for a month here if that happened which makes me content.
I received a most welcome phone call last night...from a friend in Alaska. Hadn't talked to her in over a year, but have e-mailed. I miss them so! And my other home up north!
This weekend I hope to do...more than I can...this place needs cleaning, organizing, decorating and I need to make some cards and do some beading for problem there as I'd rather do those things than the other. And...Christmas will come whether it's clean or decorated or organized...HIS birthday...our SAVIOUR'S...born a baby, yet a suffer and die and RISE...for US... How awesome is that!!! And He would have done it for just one of us, but He did it for all. Now THAT'S contentment...

Sunday, November 30, 2008


November 30, 2008 ~ Sunday
I'm not done being thankful... music. Just close your eyes when you hear music and you can hear so much more...all of the instruments...all of the voices...the beat...just takes a person 'away'! I have a neat friend who shares with me the playing for our worship. Today the choir sang and she played and I closed my eyes and...floated. Afterward, I gave her a hug and told her how much I appreciated her talent. Have you ever watched Victor Borgia play? Just awesome, as an entertainer and a wonderful pianist. My uncle used to just sit and have the best time watching him with a quiet deep chuckle that shook his whole body. There you are...I'm also thankful for my aunt and uncle, my mother's brother and my dad's sister who married and had no children of their own. My sisters and I were their children. They also lead us down the road of faith...and...taught me to drive grain truck when I was just 12 hauling wheat/barley/oats into the elevator 3 miles away. My uncle was quite an inventor...he and a cousin made a 'snow machine' before there were snow machines. He also made a hoist for his International Harvester pick-up...everyone wanted to see how THAT worked when I was in the elevator unloading.
And...I'm thankful that our oldest son and his family could come up for the holiday. We had a really fun time (yup, at 4am on Friday!, then again on Saturday, but not as early)...watching the two little ones...and just enjoying each other. Schmitty...the kitty...survived two big dogs behind two 'kid's gates' and now is back again in part of HER domain, still gated off from Rainier.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


There are so many things for which to be thankful ~ my parents who, through the grace of God, brought me to believe in Jesus Christ through baptism and The Word ~ my sisters who are also very close friends ~ my husband, who gave me four awesome children ~ my sons who gave me two beautiful daughters-in-law who then gave me 7 wonderful 'grands' ~ my Christian family ~ my friends ~ shelter ~ food ~ sight ~ sound ~ taste ~ feel ~ love ~ all I need to live ~freedom ~ His whole creation to can anyone feel deprived!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


November 22, 2008 ~ Saturday
~~~OK, OK...the GRIZ won by a whopping 35 to 3 and I will 'pay' on Monday and Tuesday at lunch for being (STILL) a CAT fan. That's alright because now I have more time...a guide those middle-schoolers in the right direction.
A busy busy week with social security papers/calls (25 in less than 2 hours on Monday morning)...and now the yearly medicare decisions with the older person who lives here. It'll all come together...everyday a new experience!
No snow, but feels like it and is predicted. It's time to bring wood in and pet my kitty.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thursday ~ November 13, 2008
It feels like winter...windy, cold, some flakes at times. This is the time, when it's windy and cold, that I don't like to stand on the corner and help those little misguided (most of them because they are GRIZ fans!) little people across the street...but do it willingly and with a smile because that's the job God has given me at the moment. A week from Saturday is the CAT/GRIZ game...and most of the middle schoolers seem to be on the wrong side. Every chance I get I try to set them straight...alas...most are stubborn and keep wearing the sweatshirts/hats that have some 'bear' logo on them. week...those who have salad will have to eat off of gold and blue plates...AND...since I make the bulletin for worship those members who are also misguided will have to read off of gold paper with blue lettering as will the wiser Bobcat fans.
Kelly is doing well after surgery; however, the back pain and fibromyalgia are still debilitating. Her drain will come out on Monday, hopefully...and we'll go to GFalls the first week in Dec. for a follow-up appointment.
The cat (not Bob) and the dog are now eyeing each other from about 20 feet with a gate between them, with Schmitty emitting low long m-e-o-w-s voicing her displeasure. Wondering if they'll ever be friends...sigh! She misses going outside, whenever, during the day...I MEAN!...the deck was HERS before this other thing came goes out several times during the night...and, last night was just awesome with beautiful moonlight, almost bright as dusk!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Thursday ~ November 6, 2008
A b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l sunrise this morning...right now, in fact...over GFalls from my motel room window. We...Kelly and I...have been here since Sunday...had her surgery on Monday and yesterday, finally, the pain was manageable. Not pain so much from her incision as from her disk degeneration and fibromyalgia. She's on clear liq....not sure when she'll be released, but will probably head home the day after since dark comes early. If I'm not with her I'm seeing the sights, taking photos and enjoying seeing the history of Lewis & Clark. Went to the Interpretive Center yesterday for 2 1/2 hours...2 films...displays that can be touched and photographed! How many museums allow you to do that! An awesome place...
Today I'll attend The Christmas Connection...a Christmas 'bazaar' at an art gallery...very similar to 'our' Conrad Mansion's Christmas display. And...tomorrow if we are still here will go to the Charlie Russel Museum...or maybe even today.
I must stay at the LaQuinta has been wonderful! Pillow-top mattresses...feather pillows (or what feels like feather)...hospitality...and a 15% medical discount!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Saturday ~ November 1, 2008
Rainier has NO clue there's a cat in the house, BUT the cat KNOWS there's a dog living here and isn't any too happy about it. She has started to come out of the sewing room, but scoots back in the second she hears Rainier's tags. There is a gate between them at all time because Schmitty will use her claws and teeth...not fond of dogs since one tore her leg muscles several years ago...and...she's older, almost 12 years old, so is very set in her ways.
Tomorrow our oldest daughter and I will go to GFalls for her surgery on Monday...don't know how long we'll be there, but if all goes well will probably be back at least by the end of the week, maybe sooner. SSI has started for her and SSDI will begin in a month or so. Have to stay on top of all that...making sure I write down all expenses. I can always call the lawyer who represented her and ask him questions...which I'm sure I'll do!
The fall has been fantastic...mostly sunny with 50's for the temps. The 'rumor' is that we are to have a 'hard' winter, but...that's been said before...just have to be prepared for anything and my car is always full of extra clothes, boots, candles, etc.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Sunday ~ October 19, 2008
Another beautiful day in days and calling days. No school last Thursday or Friday so I tried to rearrange/organize/clean and get ready for a puppy. Well, not a puppy, but a 60 pound 2 year old...our daughter' take care of and love until she has a place that allows pets. Schmitty has been told...she yowled and stalked off, sharpening her claws and practicing hissing. Life will not be the same after tomorrow!
Pastors...another 'P' word. We had a call meeting to call a candidate either from the winter graduating class or from the spring one in May. God already has had one picked out for us from the beginning of time so now we just trust in Him to provide. So...tomorrow the call documents have to be prepared (read: delete a few specific things and print:-)) and mailed and mailings to all the members stating what was voted on today. Besides that I have many phone calls to make concerning our other daughter's SS benefits, a meeting to go to and physical therapy in the afternoon. Did I mention organization? Thinking I've got to figure out how to do that!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thursday ~ October 9, 2008
...I do not know! Indian Summer went into layering weather this week...cold, breezy, but no snow yet. The tamaracks are just turning and the majority of the trees have decided to do the same. 21 degrees this morning when I headed out.
A week from Sunday we will have pastor appreciation AND another voter's meeting to determine whether we'll call a candidate this time or a pastor from the field again. The letters have been mailed to the members concerning this and will be posted in the bulletin. Seems like all of a sudden EVERYTHING has to be done, then there's a lull...after this weekend there will be a lull in hauling/stacking wood. Doctor appointments/work/secretarial duties/household work...THAT'S WHERE THE TIME GOES!
It was wonderful to have Monday off this week...and two days the end of next get organized (paper-wise and cleaning). Jack will head down to our son's to meet our daughter on the 18th...transferring her things to our trailer...and her puppy dog...who will live with us for a while until she gets a place again where she can have a pet. SO...our cat and her that should be interesting! Schmitty chases BIG dogs out of the yard, growling, with her tail and back up, so...POOR RAINIER! We did put 4 - 16 foot cattle panals up for a dog run...and Schmitty was quite upset with that. AND...the deck is'll put a crimp in her tail, too, because that's the way to the dog run!
Update on our oldest daughter's SS application: The judge has declared her disabled, so will receive SS, apply for Medicaid and now, maybe, she can get the medical/emotional help she needs. Our former doctor was present at the hearing and the lawyer credits the favorable ruling (1st hearing) with her caring enough to give her testimony in person. She is an awesome Christian doctor and friend!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sunday ~ September 29, 2008 ***Indian Summer***
...well, kinda. We haven't had a 'killing frost' yet so can it legally be said 'Indian Summer'??? WhatEVer it is, it's really enjoyable! Two flower beds have been downstized and cleaned out...but there are still three others to do; four cords of wood has been split, hauled and stacked under the deck with two more waiting; parsonage still needs finishing touches (mopboards replaced, vents cleaned, window cleaned and blinds hung...), but we have even more time now to do that since the pastor-elect has declined our call; camper will be winterized this week and the cattle panels will be put up for our daughter's dog to come and live with us. This week is our oldest daughter's SS hearing, then we're off to Great Falls to see her bariatric doctor...hoping for some answers there.
AND...I'm dehydrating banana 'chips' right now...pears tonight...borrowed a friends dehydrator and will purchase one of our own since I want to try spagetti, etc. also. Yum! Thinking it'll be easier to have our own dehydrated food for taste-wise rather than buying it with all the perservatives.
Praying people realize the importance of knowing what the candidates stand for...which is more important: money or life??? Think about it!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


September 13, 2008 ~ Saturday
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L DAY!!! Not a cloud in the sky...low 70's...just my kind of day!
This week has been BUSY...along with crossing and lunch everyday the call papers were to be filled out and sent to our pastor-elect, suggested time of 24 hours from the call meeting. OK...I'm still filling them out after a week...just had trouble getting them downloaded and now a council meeting is needed to make sure all are 'on the same page'. They WILL be sent on Monday. THEN, a week ago our daughter's SSI lawyer called saying her hearing would be in three weeks, so...we met with him on Wednesday...Thursday gave the dr. papers to fill out, before she admitted Kelly to the hospital for pain/nausea/vomiting control and hydration...released today. Monday we need to travel to Plains so Kelly's former dr. can see her and fill out hearing papers. Think I mentioned wood hauling far 1 1/2 cords under the deck with that much more to go at least. Once Jack worked on the splitter and started using it, the hauling went much faster/easier because of the size. It amazes me how well most of the lengths fit together when stacking...God always provides and that's what I think of when I throw a log on another and it just settles in...a nice comfy feeling.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Where has all the summer gone...

Saturday ~ September 6, 2008
It's September!!! BUT...where did summer go???? I want it back...NOW!
So, school has started, the first week is over, AND YES!, no one was hit by a car. That makes me happy since I'm crossing again this year, along with giving the middle schoolers smiles at lunch.
Such a busy time...unloading the camper and cleaning it, bringing wood up to stack under the deck for winter, work, swimming, calling a new pastor. Looking at this there seems to be a lot I still have to do, as in...the majority. Camper will be unloaded tomorrow, but cleaning will have to wait until sometime after 4pm when I'm done with work for the day...wood will have to be done anytime I get unlazy and get a chance... Also, trying to 'sell my wares' at the farmer's is not going well. Then, there is the on-going matter of trying to get our daughter on SSDI, so...we wait... Just hope there is help for her pain soon. Think about this...the worst muscle ache you've ever had...or...the worst cramping diarrhea you've in and day out, minute after minute and second after second, all over her body, with no relief in sight. When John McCain was on the other night they told of his 5 plus year imprisonment and the torture he endured. He'd know what Kelly is going thru.
Speaking of McCain...brings Palin to mind. You know she IS our half governor since we have land in AK:-) I'm quite impressed with her...thinking she doesn't take any guff and she has some very good ideas...I'm thinking they have my vote!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Monday ~ August 18, 2008
It is HOT! Hit 99.1 degrees this afternoon and I was...out shoveling gravel...on my birthday and am now sitting, after a cooling shower, in the breeze of a fan. YUM!
I've... had calls, e-cards, txt, and e-mails from my children and friends...gone out for lunch with my husband at the Hu-Hot Mongolian Grill (free cheesecake!)...made plans for two free meals on different days at different restaurants and Dairy Queen for a peanut buster parfait ($2.49 on sale...stock up now while you can!!!) YUM!
The gravel...remember the bunnies??? Dug under the deck??? I redug their burrows and spread chicken wire then gravel so now it's ready for wood stacking. Also, spread gravel on the back .0040 flower bed made earlier this summer.
We met a couple from Austin, TX while camping a couple weeks ago, exchanged e-mail addresses and blogspots...and I saw her and her 'puppy' at farmer's market on Saturday! We talked for a while...they are looking for a place to buy either here or in ID, but the cost is prohibative right now. They've been trying their luck at fishing...none...well, a couple bites, but mostly...none.
The rest of the day I'm just going to laze around (I do that most of the time anyhow so am really good at it)...and eat the angel food cake I made this morning...lemon drizzle on it...YUM!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sunday ~ August 10, 2008
***hearing wind in crowns of trees 10 seconds before feeling the it
***fish jumping every few seconds
***watching mama duck with 6 babies
***seeing a Maganzer diving for fish, staying under water, popping up 100 feet away
***baby chipmonks playing
***mirrored mountains and trees in lake
***turquoise ~ colbalt blue ~ aquamarine blue ~ green water
***birds chirping
***bees on flowers
***sitting around the fire
***literally hundreds of bear grass plants, some still blooming
***trail around lake, 1 1/2 miles, over tree roots, needles, little plank bridges
***cooking over the fire (sausage with brie!)
All this can be yours, too, at Little Therriault Lake in NW MT for the SMALL fee of $5 per night, 14 day limit...
Only 28 miles in from Hwy 93 N...
B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l campsites...
Mega huckleberry bushes...
Nope...didn't see a bear...but with bear-proof cashes there might be some hanging around somewhere...
Can I go back now???????

Friday, July 25, 2008


Friday ~ July 25, 2008
What an awesome week!!! My sister and youngest niece came to visit for 3 days... our daughter flew in for the weekend... our youngest granddaughter turned 5... we met new friends and saw many old ones, including the doctor I used to work with who always called me, "North Dakota PK", because I am... And, even tho the weather didn't always cooperate [just ask the four people who helped hold up the tent ***while setting up***in a downpour] and I didn't sell one thing [others commented that 'business' was very slow probably due to economy]...we had a GREAT time and are planning on going again next year IF we are in the lower 48. When we returned home for a few days I clothes had shrunk!
Mowing the lawn, watering, preparing to go camping again on Monday until Friday at lakes up by the Canadian border...trying to get 'summer-stuff' in before starting work again when school resumes. AND, I have to figure out time to help prepare the parsonage for our new pastor***the one God knows who will be our Shepherd***between typing the bulletin and power point presentations for worship and farmer's market. Tonight we will go to Orient Express before watching a play in town [ THAT'S different!]

Monday, July 14, 2008


FRESH BLUEBERRIES WITH 1/2 & 1/2 AND SPLENDA (calories are off-set)...WATERMELON AND CANTALOPE WITH SEA SALT(have you ever heard of a fish with high blood pressure?)...I LOVE FRUIT SEASON!!!
Getting ready to go 'south' again tomorrow. My sister and their youngest daughter will meet us in Belgrade for several days...BRINGING BEEF, THE BEST BEEF IN THE WORLD!...and our daughter will be flying in on Friday until Sunday so will have a good visit even tho I'll have to be at Summerfest Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon selling wall hangings and matted photos...and listening to bands all day long...and visiting with friends.
FYI...allergic eye reaction to different eye make-up gets pretty bad when combined with sun and wind...the swelling is finally going down and the eye is open more so I can see out of it again:-) Hmmmm...wonder if the EAR drops I used for the eye really did help...or...if it would have cleared up anyway...
OK...gotta clean out coolers for beef...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


July 9, 2008 ~ Wednesday
Beautiful, beautiful weather!!! We just returned from fourth of July festivities, enjoying time spent with our friends...the parade...the rodeo...the fireworks...the TWO elephant ears...then, camping with our son and his family and a bunch of their friends...probably had 20-25 people total off and on...and two big dogs and about 7 Blue Healers, all on a lake. We learned, after 5 years of having our Arctic Fox, how to take out/put in the awning (thanks to our son...exciting!) I read, did sudoku, did beading [as did our 5 yr. old granddaughter for 2 straight hours one day], enjoyed everyone...yup, had a few BL's...and just did what I wanted and relaxed in God's majestic landscape. Next up??? Summerfest 2008 on the 18th, 19th, and 20th...having a booth...selling my wares (wall hangings, matted photos, handmade cards)...and our friends will have carved wooden pieces for sale. Exciting because my sister, her youngest daughter and our daughter will all be there for a short while. oter things. The parsonage is getting a laminate, carpet on stars, and vinyl where window treatments...all before a new pastor arrives.
Not to change the subject, but...WE ATE AT THE HU HOT TODAY...YUMMY!
Where are you Larry and Bette????

Monday, June 30, 2008


June 30, 2008 ~ Monday in 96 degrees, but cooling nicely this evening WHILE I BAKE COOKIES...which I never do, but thought I'd be a grandma since we're headed down to see family and friends...AND GO CAMPING! Yes, camping...with our oldest son and his family, some of their friends and maybe, just maybe, our youngest son and his family might show up...and maybe, just maybe, the friends who went to Alaska with us last year might show up...
HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY, AMERICA! What a country to live be able to go anywhere we want...see anyone we anything we mostly what we want or need...worship the way we want. God is so good to us...and we appreciate Him by taking His name away from governmnet, schools, sad is that, yet how full of grace He is! To God be the glory!

Monday, June 23, 2008


June 23, 2008 ~ Monday sky...clouds...breezy...usually just very pleasant and I'm soooo enjoying!
Sat at the farmer's market on Saturday...and it was a success!!! Sold 3 cards at $2each, paid my $2 space fee, bought $16 in plants...and added to my tan. Next Saturday: the same...except for the amount sold and the plants...
We have a Wii!!! Now, why would two 'old' people buy a game box thingy to play??? Cuz it's really really fun and you even get to exercise. Bowling and target practice are my favorite. Cow racing my grandkids beat me at...
We have started working on the parsonage...pulling nails, taking curtain holders down...spackling...and tomorrow someone is going to measure for the vinyl in the kitchen, baths and utility...just hoping we have enough help to get it all done, at least, by the end of August when ***school starts again***.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

THE BACK .0040

Tuesday ~ June 17, 2008
Over 6 years in the thought process...after taking out a few small sickly evergreens in the back .0040...and 4 days in the making, FINALLY the work of cleaning out rocks, stumps, putting in edging, planting...and now watering, that little section of our property is now looking kinda spiffy. Still rocks to throw back onto the plastic and more digging, smoothing to do AND cleaning out behind the shed, but that can wait for a bit as there are other projects vacuuming...and consolidating scrapbooking supplies that are scattered all over the guest bedroom***just in case we have company sometime this summer.
A beautiful day...low 80's and sunny with a breeze.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


June 15, 2008 ~ Sunday
...70 degrees and half sunny! And has been sunny since then... Tasha's birthday today...and Father's day. We are celebrating enjoying the sun, spare ribs, potato salad and beans...Tasha is enjoying a BBQ for her BD at a friend's house in CO...and I will continue to enjoy it in the back .0040 pulling weeds so I can plant some shrubs and flowers. A spot that has needed attention for several years. Yesterday we had a work day at the church and it looks really lava rocks all around, flowers in big pots. Next...the church roof...then THE PARSONAGE, A MAJOR OVERHAUL! BUT...this week I'm concentrating on that spot in the back and getting ready for the Farmer's Market on Saturday, my first time as a vendor with wildlife wall hangings, 8"x10" matted photos and handmade cards. It'll be interesting...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Wednesday ~ June 11, 2008
IT'S JUNE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! AND THERE'S SNOW!!! Yup...4 inches of heavy wet stuff by the time we got home...and the chokecherry tree***will it EVER be the same again??? It did stop in the late evening, but today we are to have up to an inch of precip in the form of rain. I'm thinking today won't be a mowing day, even when I can see the grass***which isn't at the moment! So...I'm cleaning house, which really needs it...and sorting thru things for a yard sale/thrift store drop.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Monday ~ June 9, 2008
...well, maybe not weatherwise since Bozeman/Belgrade is suppose to get snow tomorrow. We came down last Thursday to get in on the yard sale action...and are headed home tomorrow with just 1/4 of what we brought to sell. Really hoping WE are in the mood to have one ourselves...gotta remember, someone else's treasure is sitting in our garage/house!
One bunny left...tricky little thing...backs right out of the traps, but I've destroyed their burrows and she hasn't tried to dig far... Tulips are another matter...we're safe...the neighbor's flowers aren't...
Our pastor's last Sunday was May 4th so now our members are in the process of calling another Shepherd...had to change our worship time to 1pm on Sunday since that's the 'fastest' our vacancy pastor can get to St. Peter's...EVEN THO he DOES have a motorcycle...
I SO miss going to Alaska!!! The drive...the friends...the relatives...BUT God has different plans for us this year, some we'll know about right away, some we may not know for a while. SO...we're planning another trip around July 4th here...and also July 17 for Summerfest in Livingston. Am having a booth, selling wall-hangings, matted photos, handmade cards and wood carvings. The carvings are made by a good of the couple who went to AK with us last year. Here's a good idea...everyone have an EKG and follow thru with other tests if needed. This guy is in awesome shape...rides bike every day for always doing something physical...and they found an aortic aneurism 6 weeks ago *BY ACCIDENT*!!! He is now recovering from surgery to repair that. The doctor said that 99% are found by a baseline EKG and STAY IN SHAPE!
Hoping to fit some camping time in this summer...even by myself if need be. The camper is on...and I'm ready to go! Comes in handy, too, for the kid/grandkid visits...

Saturday, April 26, 2008


April 26, 2008 ~ Saturday
We are sad. Our oldest son and his wife lost their little still-to-be-born baby yesterday, but we know he is in Jesus' arms, whole and happy now, waiting to meet the rest of us. Knowing Jesus=comfort and peace.
Just finished an Athelas banner this week for a retreat using pabric...a fabric material that goes thru an inkjet printer and photos are copied onto the pabric, hence the p for photo instead of an f. young one and the two moms and if no little ones show up by the end of next week they will all find a new home...will miss their antics tho...

Sunday, April 20, 2008


April 20, 2008 ~ Sunday this morning there was a rabbit that looks just like one of the moms (Oreo)...AND another little black bunny. The look-a-like is probably 4-6 months old and, I'm thinking, a male, so...we trapped him post-haste and sent him on his way to a new home. Now for the little ones...and the moms at the end of the week.
Cold again...14 above this morning. I, last weekend...when we had summer. It was nice.
Our church is loosing it's Shepherd...May 4th is Pastor's last Sunday, so then we will be in the process of calling a new pastor, whether it be a candidate or one already in the field, God only knows. AND, thank God He does and has already prepared His choice for St. Peter, even if he and we don't know who it is yet. So...this spring and summer, at least, will be busy with meetings & cleaning/repairing the parsonage...which will be interesting because St. Peter's members are known for being gone frequently during the summer months. We're not going to Alaska this year so will be 'around', but will be gone several weekends anyway. All will work out in God's time.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


April 19, 2008 ~ Saturday
***WHERE DID THE LITTLE BLACK BUNNY COME FROM??? 2 bunnies & 2 moms...

Sunday, April 13, 2008


April 13, 2008 ~ Sunday
SUN ~ SUN ~ SUN!!! Yesterday was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L and it looks good for today, too...flower beds here I come! But, only after Lutherans for Life silent auction and spaghetti feed today. We must try to protect those little lives...whether they be unborn or old in years...all are God's creation and joy!
Bunny young one and 2 moms...and as soon as we know if there are tiny ones under the deck and shed they, too, will find a new home. We'll miss seeing their antics...running, hopping and spinning in mid-air, but...our 'under the deck' will be presentable again...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


April 10, 2008 ~ Thursday
...the day to reup minutes on our Cell One Alaska phone so we can keep our added $20 more for a total of $110 AND THEN WAS TOLD THAT AT&T HAS BOUGHT CELL ONE OUT, but ***it would be easy to switch and roll over our minutes by just GOING TO AN AT&T STORE BECAUSE IT CAN'T BE DONE OVER THE PHONE***!!! OK...guess what? NO AT&T stores in MT and didn't find where the closest one is because we aren't leaving MT this summer. Called their number and was told that our phone would be able to transfer, but, no, the minutes COULD NOT be rolled-over. Called Cell One back and they said again that the minutes would be ok...called AT&T, a very nice lady, who understood where I was coming from, called AT&T for me, talked to them, then I talked to the guy for 45 minutes and were 'just about there' when he said I needed a new phone...FCC rules that you can't transfer phones between told him I wanted the least expensive ($9.95), gave him our address, etc. and then he said, "I'm sorry, but the system doesn't recognize your address. Is there another address I could send it to?" APPARENTLY, MONTANA DOES NOT EXSIST IN THE AT&T NETWORK ALTHO OUR ALASKA PHONE DOES WORK HERE!!! I told him to***forget it and hung up***!!! I AM NOT recommending AT&T to anyone and will tell them why!!!
On the up-side for the day...called the state for an interview on food stamps for Kelly...a very very nice lady who said they should never have been stopped while waiting for a hearing on obtaining SSI and SSDI, so will pick up an application again for Kelly. AND, we are hoping it does not take 12 MONTHS for that hearing!
Rabbits and bunnies...12 bunnies have now found a new home (out in the woods where they'll be happy and scamper around without a care in the world because there is new grass growing for eating) now for the other 3 little ones and the two moms and dads. A little bit worried tho since we think there are new ones under the deck/shed. WILL IT NEVER END!

Monday, April 7, 2008

SPRING~weather has, but bunnies do, too...

April 7, 2008 ~ Monday's...sunny/snowing/hailing/raining...SPRING! Can't do lawn work, still too wet and, besides, the bunnies rule *BUT NOT FOR LONG*! The traps are set... WHEN I can do outside work, there is a lot to be done since we haven't been home for two years during the summer. Between that and trying to sell my wall hangings and photographs of our travels it might be kinda busy. Not too busy tho for our friends from Ohio who will be here the end of May, first part of June for a visit. We met them in Alaska two years ago and REALLY missed not seeing them last year...and, feeling special since they are spending over $4/gal for diesel to travel this way. We'll have a good time...and, WE LIKE IT THAT WAY! Other than sewing and matting photos it's the regular schedule around here...well, there are when someone got stuck in quicksand while 4 wheeling and had to dig out while pulling with a winch. Quicksand almost won...running boards were a foot under...

Saturday, March 15, 2008


March 15, 2008 ~ Saturday
It's snowing and the sun is shining...spring is here...along with the robins AND bunnies. 13 or 14 bunnies in all, about 5-6 weeks old...and the 2 moms, and the 2 dads, and one about 8 weeks old. They are so much fun to watch, the little ones***we REALLY have to get a live-trap!!!
Wall-hangings...7 almost done here and three in a store downtown...and none sold. Am hoping tourists will really 'go for them' this summer, either here or in Talkeetna. And, I've started printing pictures for matting...
Holy Week ~ Jesus' passion, death and resurrection. Speading the gospel, the reason for being when we die we will be with Christ forever! We also celebrate the Seder Passover...since our pastor first came five years ago. It brings into perspective the Jewish 'traditions', remembering the Passover of the angel in Egypt just before the exodus...those who put the blood of the lamb on the door-posts were passed-over by the angel of death...also symbolizing Jesus' blood shed for us. We have worship after the Seder on Maundy Thursday...Tenebrae service on Good Friday...a prayer vigil from then until 6:30am Easter when we celebrate Sonrise service. An awesome time for reflection, for repentance, for forgiveness, for celebration!
We are in the ...of buying a computer, etc. and printer for the church. WE ARE GOING HI-TECH!!! Good thing...cuz we were still in the stone age when it came to technology...just hooked up to the net 3 weeks ago! Now we are practicing with powerpoint on the laptop since we have a sound/projection system installed (both donated)...also 3 weeks ago. And...guess who gets to use them the most...YEA!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


March 6, 2008 Thursday
Beautiful blue sky! A nice day for a drive...back from our daughter's bariatric doctor over 200 miles away where there isn't any snow; HOWEVER, a lot of snow between here and there. Three weeks ago I was getting a banner ready for a ministry fair, but was interrupted by Kelly ending up in the hospital for stomach pain/dehydration...ulcer(S) is the diagnosis, so will treat with two different meds and soft diet for 6 weeks and make the trip to her doctor again to determine what next to do. The banner did get done...lots of people at the fair so maybe some will remember the name *ATHELAS OUTDOOR MINISTRY*. Also, typing the orders' of service on power point for Sundays and Wednesday Lenten services and will try to install software to help with that this next week. AND...after a three week 'hiatus' from wall hangings, will start sewing again in hopes of selling a bunch...somewhere...somehow.
The Eastern Front is really pretty...mountains to the west full of snow...prairie to the east with no snow...God's handiwork displayed everwhere!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Monday ~ February 18, 2008
Yup..another bummer...our friends from AK won't be able to come down this summer...was SOOOO looking forward to seeing them again! Committments...sometimes get in the way of what we WANT!
I've been looking at pc's...for church. The one there is 5 years old and has decided, since connecting to the net last week, that the memory is full and also no room on the hard drive AND the printer is acting up... The Geek Squad guy said he usually recommends an upgrade, BUT since we're still in the stoneage with our technology, we really should upgrade TO A NEW COMPUTER! YEAH, RIGHT! THAT'S not in the budget! So going to try and delete...something... There is one at Best Buy WITH A PRIINTER for less than $500... My thoughts? Why spend a dollar to save a dime with upgrades when a new one is not so much?
Seems the wall hangings are on hold for a couple weeks probably. Our outdoor ministry is going to the fair...the KALS ministry fair on the 1st of March, so, that has to be prepared for...with displays and A BANNER. That's right...I went shopping today for to think of how to do the pattern, BUT I'VE GOT ALMOST TWO WEEKS...right?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday ~ February 14, 2008
***HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY*** and ***IT'S THE ANNIVERSARY OF OUR FIRST DATE*** A blind date...and look what happened! Four awesome kids and five equally awesome grandkids! God has blessed us with so much and continues to shower down His abundant grace every minute.
We did get to see our friends...but only for several hours one day last week. Better that than not! We will see them several times during the summer...and hopefully, before then, too.
Tonight we will have a few friends over...for spaghetti (yup...what we had on our blind date) and Alaska talk. Two will be going this summer...the other two probably next year. We'll be giving them the whole scoop...where to stop for fuel/night/eat/see...and feeling sad we can't go with them.
The weather can't decide...snow...sun...wind (not a lot here)...rain...kinda like SPRING weather. Do you suppose??? SPRING is almost here???!!! Been keeping track of Talkeetna weather and they were colder than us for about a, again, about the same...just what we were told two years ago when we started our 'owning a piece of Alaska' adventure.
I've made 16 wall hangings so far...and, so far, haven't sold any, but given most to family (whether they wanted them or not). Maybe soon they will take off with selling...also thinking I'll send some to Talkeetna this spring. There HAS TO BE ONE OR TWO cruise passengers that want one hanging in their homes to remember their trip!

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Thursday ~ January 31, 2008
...that our friends *the ones who drove to AK with us last summer* are not coming up for the WF winter carnival! I was even almost on my way to the camper to find the 'coffee lights'...but the weather/roads are too bad, a dejavu of a previous time....winter in MT, or any place, for that just never knows! I wanted them to see the beautiful snow we have, sitting on the tree branches, postcard only He can make it!
Sew now what will I do with my time this weekend...the horses, caribou and bear are waiting. The quilt/material store downtown has three wall hangings right now and I'm hoping they'll agree to sell them...with a commission, of course. Craig's list...e-bay, maybe, for some other ideas.
Last night St. Peter hosted the young foreign workers...Bolivia, Peru, Chili, Brazil, Italy...who work on the mountain and in the lodges...for a dinner, the second one in as many weeks. First week there were 53, mostly guys...this week 52...and all very gracious and thankful. About 4 are exchange students so knew the high school youth of St. P's. Next week *Lent starts*...and it'll be interesting to see who shows up for the soup suppers before service...hope everyone makes a big pot!
Even tho it's snowing...IT'S GETTING LIGHTER EARLIER AND STAYING LIGHTER LONGER...I can even tell!!!! Does that make me excited??? Maybe...!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Monday ~ January 28, 2008
There was one day this past week that was fairly 'warm'...low 30's...washed the car that day so the doors wouldn't be frozen shut the next day. Today there is no school...emergency travel only until later morning due to snowdrifts across roads. And below zero again. Wonder when we'll have to make up the day... I will finish another moose wall hanging...and an elk. Schmitty Kitty loves to help me...lays right on the material while I'm sewing and gets kinda 'lippy' when I need her to move.
Our 4 year old granddaughter is in a BCBS of Montana commercial, starting in April and being shown for a year. We are in the presence of greatness! It'll be fun to see her on tv in her leotards at the gym.
Little Kennedy goes in again for chemo today if her 'counts' are high enough. Such a life! Getting something that can kill you to make you better...who'da thought... Medical science is a God-given knowledge that sometimes is for the good, but because of sin sometimes is for the bad. Not saying chemo is for the bad...but someday maybe a different cure will be found. In the meantime, awareness of childhood cancer must be in the forefront of our thoughts...and with God's help we WILL find a cure.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Monday ~ January 21, 2008
And...IT IS COLD! Almost had a North Dakota blizzard Saturday, Actually, I don't think anything could compare (here anyway) to the ND blizzards of my youth! Days and days of snow and blowing snow...with huge drifts...and beautiful wind sculpted white rain! At least here we usually don't have wind! The morning's temp was -19, but 1/4 mile away ONLY -9. Didn't know I was crossing guard this afternoon until lunch so had two coats (one from church) on and waddled around...otherwise could hardly move. Listening to live radio from Anchorage this morning and heard they are in the 30's with rain...which made the roads really slick after freezing would rather have this cold without the rain. Wondering how our home on Malispina Loop looks right now. White. Not much wind there either.
Our outdoor ministry is in gear again for this summer...with mailing of information to numerous churches in a few states. Praying that it will 'take off' and be an awesome witness of God's love and grace.
I'm thinking we are going to have to buy a cord or two of wood...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Wednesday ~ January 16, 2008
Yup...haven't written for a while... have been busy with church, work, wall hangings, SS, and medicare. Our outdoor ministry is in full swing again, calling and sending information of spiritual retreats to churches in several, everyday for 2 1/2 hours...made 3 1/2 wall hangings, so far (moose, bison, elk, wolf)...waiting on SS in our daughter's appeal...AND, just now medicare has been straightened out and the script part will be flowing smoothly.
We saw our yearly...every 5 last weekend, 'The Bucket List'. A good movie...laughs *and tears*. Also, would like to see 'Charlie Wilson's War', 5 years we could just rent it or watch it on tv...whatEVer!
The winter has been fantastic! Usually in the teens or 20's...BUT THE TREES!!! The snow we have gotten has fallen softly with no wind; therefore, piling up snow on all the branches...just soooo BEAUTIFUL! Hope it's that way in a couple weeks during the Whitefish Winter Carnival. Friends are coming in on Amtrak and will be here for 3 days, so want them to experience that beauty.
Still praying for little Kennedy *and all the child cancer victims...such a devastating disease! Julie, who lost her little Kayla last month, is 'on the hill' in DC lobbying for funds for research of childhood cancer...also, praying for their success in their endevor during their journey thru grief. Sunday we celebrate 'Life Sunday'...preserving the life of the unborn/elderly/sick. God knew us before the world began...knows us here on earth...and wants us to be with Him in heaven. HE is the giver of life and HE is the one who knows when our lives will end...always in control...always a comfort!