Monday, June 30, 2008


June 30, 2008 ~ Monday in 96 degrees, but cooling nicely this evening WHILE I BAKE COOKIES...which I never do, but thought I'd be a grandma since we're headed down to see family and friends...AND GO CAMPING! Yes, camping...with our oldest son and his family, some of their friends and maybe, just maybe, our youngest son and his family might show up...and maybe, just maybe, the friends who went to Alaska with us last year might show up...
HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY, AMERICA! What a country to live be able to go anywhere we want...see anyone we anything we mostly what we want or need...worship the way we want. God is so good to us...and we appreciate Him by taking His name away from governmnet, schools, sad is that, yet how full of grace He is! To God be the glory!

Monday, June 23, 2008


June 23, 2008 ~ Monday sky...clouds...breezy...usually just very pleasant and I'm soooo enjoying!
Sat at the farmer's market on Saturday...and it was a success!!! Sold 3 cards at $2each, paid my $2 space fee, bought $16 in plants...and added to my tan. Next Saturday: the same...except for the amount sold and the plants...
We have a Wii!!! Now, why would two 'old' people buy a game box thingy to play??? Cuz it's really really fun and you even get to exercise. Bowling and target practice are my favorite. Cow racing my grandkids beat me at...
We have started working on the parsonage...pulling nails, taking curtain holders down...spackling...and tomorrow someone is going to measure for the vinyl in the kitchen, baths and utility...just hoping we have enough help to get it all done, at least, by the end of August when ***school starts again***.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

THE BACK .0040

Tuesday ~ June 17, 2008
Over 6 years in the thought process...after taking out a few small sickly evergreens in the back .0040...and 4 days in the making, FINALLY the work of cleaning out rocks, stumps, putting in edging, planting...and now watering, that little section of our property is now looking kinda spiffy. Still rocks to throw back onto the plastic and more digging, smoothing to do AND cleaning out behind the shed, but that can wait for a bit as there are other projects vacuuming...and consolidating scrapbooking supplies that are scattered all over the guest bedroom***just in case we have company sometime this summer.
A beautiful day...low 80's and sunny with a breeze.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


June 15, 2008 ~ Sunday
...70 degrees and half sunny! And has been sunny since then... Tasha's birthday today...and Father's day. We are celebrating enjoying the sun, spare ribs, potato salad and beans...Tasha is enjoying a BBQ for her BD at a friend's house in CO...and I will continue to enjoy it in the back .0040 pulling weeds so I can plant some shrubs and flowers. A spot that has needed attention for several years. Yesterday we had a work day at the church and it looks really lava rocks all around, flowers in big pots. Next...the church roof...then THE PARSONAGE, A MAJOR OVERHAUL! BUT...this week I'm concentrating on that spot in the back and getting ready for the Farmer's Market on Saturday, my first time as a vendor with wildlife wall hangings, 8"x10" matted photos and handmade cards. It'll be interesting...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Wednesday ~ June 11, 2008
IT'S JUNE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! AND THERE'S SNOW!!! Yup...4 inches of heavy wet stuff by the time we got home...and the chokecherry tree***will it EVER be the same again??? It did stop in the late evening, but today we are to have up to an inch of precip in the form of rain. I'm thinking today won't be a mowing day, even when I can see the grass***which isn't at the moment! So...I'm cleaning house, which really needs it...and sorting thru things for a yard sale/thrift store drop.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Monday ~ June 9, 2008
...well, maybe not weatherwise since Bozeman/Belgrade is suppose to get snow tomorrow. We came down last Thursday to get in on the yard sale action...and are headed home tomorrow with just 1/4 of what we brought to sell. Really hoping WE are in the mood to have one ourselves...gotta remember, someone else's treasure is sitting in our garage/house!
One bunny left...tricky little thing...backs right out of the traps, but I've destroyed their burrows and she hasn't tried to dig far... Tulips are another matter...we're safe...the neighbor's flowers aren't...
Our pastor's last Sunday was May 4th so now our members are in the process of calling another Shepherd...had to change our worship time to 1pm on Sunday since that's the 'fastest' our vacancy pastor can get to St. Peter's...EVEN THO he DOES have a motorcycle...
I SO miss going to Alaska!!! The drive...the friends...the relatives...BUT God has different plans for us this year, some we'll know about right away, some we may not know for a while. SO...we're planning another trip around July 4th here...and also July 17 for Summerfest in Livingston. Am having a booth, selling wall-hangings, matted photos, handmade cards and wood carvings. The carvings are made by a good of the couple who went to AK with us last year. Here's a good idea...everyone have an EKG and follow thru with other tests if needed. This guy is in awesome shape...rides bike every day for always doing something physical...and they found an aortic aneurism 6 weeks ago *BY ACCIDENT*!!! He is now recovering from surgery to repair that. The doctor said that 99% are found by a baseline EKG and STAY IN SHAPE!
Hoping to fit some camping time in this summer...even by myself if need be. The camper is on...and I'm ready to go! Comes in handy, too, for the kid/grandkid visits...