Monday, October 29, 2007


October 29, 2007 ~ Monday
The COLORS of fall~SPECTACULAR! As much as I hate the needles coming inside, I'm thinking the colors over-ride whatEVer trouble the needles bring. When the sun isn't even peeking over the mountains in the morning, the rays hit Big Mountain and just glow...AWESOME ARTIST!
I am cleaning the garage...making use of the mild weather...and it is a BIG job. I've always said, "It has to get worse before it gets better"...yeah, sure, you betcha...BUT I WILL get it done THIS week.
I am now officially subbing until further notice for school lunch...knew that was going to happen, but it's ok because those young minds need moulding and I'm going to be known, again, as 'the smiling lunch lady'...a way to tell of God's love.
Last week was full of paper work...SSDI, VA, Medicare Advantage Plan...and still waiting on most of it...and waiting...and waiting...
We saw our oldest son and his family this weekend for a short while...always a really fun time with a 4 year old and a 19 month old. They had bought an older car from the vicinity and were picking it up. Just after they left Lyndy said, "I can't wait to ride in our new car...and to think, we had to go all the way to Alaska to pick it up!" The bunnies were out for them to see...good thing, because they will have a new home this week.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sunday ~ October 21, 2007
FINALLY *seeing...or rather feeling...the results of swimming every day! Just feel good...makes a wonderful beginning to the day with time for reflection, prayer, planning...AND my clothes fit a little better. Just so very glad we have this facility here...and to think I'd never 'join a gym'! *NEVER SAY NEVER*
WOW! I am done filling out VA papers...and it was soooo simple! Having been told the paperwork was quite thick I didn't look at it right months! Now that one of us is starting medicare in December I thought I'd take a crack at it. Might as well apply for everything the guy is entitled to...especially if it means a reduction in the amount of supplement we have to pay.
Am still scrapbooking our Alaska trip. I took way too many pictures...and the majority are pretty good so hate to throw any away...hence...two, so far, albums. Well, they hold only 200 each!!! And from here on it will be tougher because of the 'haul road' photos and the fall colours. At least, the space is contained so it would be a fast clean-up if the room is to be used.
It's getting colder...snow on Big Mountain and the surrounding hillsides...tamaracks are now way into turning...frost on the window at 4:45am...don't think I'll have to mow again this year...CARAMEL APPLE CANDY CORN...that crisp smell in the air...almost the end of the church year during which the Reformation, All Saint's Day and Thanksgiving are celebrated. God has again kept me safe in His arms...close to His heart

Thursday, October 18, 2007


October 18, 2007 ~ Thursday
ABLAZE! Bible study...50 days of devotions...WOW! Sooo good and really 'hitting home'! The first week was on learning...we have to learn God's Word to reach others. That makes sense...can't teach something that you don't know, BUT we need to remember, too, that WE have to KEEP learning more and more by studying God's Word diligently...every day. The second week...this about prayer. Think about it...usually what we pray for is what we need (read: WANT). Praying for something that might help us, but will hurt someone else is not a prayer God recognizes. The prayer that God wants us to pray is one that, first of all, praises Him as our glorious King...second, that we repent...third, that we ask...and fourth, that we yield to His will. Let's see...Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield...PRAY!!! And in so doing, we are still, knowing that He is God... which, in turn, gives us peace, comfort, joy, blessings.
One of my prayers this week is for a very good friend...who just had surgery, after loosing a bunch of weight, to remove excess skin and tissue...14 pounds of excess so far...and will have more gone after a second surgery early next year. She is looking great, even the day after...and I will continue to pray for her for no complications and total healing.
Today is no school...tomorrow,, medicare, medicaid, SSDI beware! After today I'll learn and know more than I ever will need to know...I hope!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


October 16, 2007 ~ Tuesday
OK, first official day back at school lunch...and it went fine. Several said they had missed me...where had I been? It's nice to be missed...but looks like no one will have to anymore as I'm scheduled for the next two weeks. It all came riding a bike...AND...I even zeroed out, balancing my money!
The trees are all cleaned up and under plastic under the deck, drying out so we can burn them. Looks quite bare out front...would like to plant quakies, but don't have the desire to dig a hole where roots are located.
Someitmes a person's life gets really really busy...with work, play, children, paperwork, worry. Reading in the ABLAZE Bible study this week reminded me again to slow down..."Be still and know that I am God". That's from Psalm 46. Also in that Psalm are the words..."Therefore, we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea". Sometimes that's the way I feel...nothing is right, but, whether satan comes at you with medical/surgical problems, addiction issues, debt, whatEVer, we have that knowledge of the comfort of Jesus' arms. I will follow wherever He leads...

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Not by any stretch of the imagination...BUT we did cut down the two trees in front that were dying. First one fell right where we wanted it. Second one... went the opposite way, after cutting the wedge the way it should go. When we saw it was going the opposite way I held our little 3 year old tree back with a rope, but then let go and moved rather fast, being in the "T-I-M-B-E-R!" path. God protected again...the tree missing anything vital, like the house and car by three feet each. So, now...the clean up, some today, the rest tomorrow afternoon. Sure looks bare out there!
Stink bugs...about a gazillion bark colored around. You know the ones...takes them a whole afternoon to go half way across the sitting and watching you brush your teeth from the top of the mirror...or...the ones that boys BUG girls with by throwing at them. So far, I haven't smelled them, but hear it's not a very pleasant odor. They come in a multitude of stripe or on location.
Bunnies...will be live trapped shortly and taken to a friend's property where they can roam and be happy. They are so fun to watch, eating away with their mom...rolled oats...hay...sunflower seeds.
Stopped by school today for 'the lunch bunch' to see if anything had changed since last year. I'll be working the next two weeks...altho not Monday when our daughter has her first appointment with a different doctor.
Medicare...sounds confusing to me...but we will be delving into it since one of us needs to decide on ins. soon.
Fall colors...are sooo beautiful! We haven't had a really bad frost yet...only 28 degrees a couple nights, so even the larch are late in turning. The mountainsides are now golden, but our tamaracks are just starting to change. Should go on a drive and enjoy...

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sunday ~ October 7
Wonder why it's called termination snow when it's the first snow of the season???
The fall colors are awesome here now...and, I think, a bit later than usual...maybe because of the hot dry summer...OR... a warmer winter???
As far as a killing places, but not in others as flowers are still blooming in different locations. There is a health foods store in town that always has awesome hanging flowers ourtisde that would rival any in Alaska! And, NO, I haven't gotten the flowers/plants in the yard cut yet and might not either this fall. Kinda nice, actually, to see what colors those leaves will be...but will hate it in the spring when the new little green shoots come up and I'll have to be careful not to cut them.
The sub list for crossing guard and lunch aide now officially has my name posted...and have heard lunch probably will be needing someone for a while, but have not been called yet. It's been really nice not having to think about work and plan around it, but the extra money will come in handy, too, so will be taking my phone in with me to The Wave at 5am just in case a call comes in.
I did get the banner for church done this week...and it's still on the wall! I always have visions of it falling...on the candles...when burning...during service. That would cause a bit of a commotion maybe.
This week will be busy with (hopefully) changing doctors, getting charts, council meeting at church, ABLAZE! Bible study, bulletin, practice...along with the usual everyday 'house stuff', but I need not feel overwhelmed as God is with me in every step I take...that's His promise. What an Aweseome God we have!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Thursday ~ October 4
Camper...cleaned, unloaded, winterized.
Trailer...not all unloaded.
Church...good to be back! and playing the clavinova again. Also, making a banner for Sunday when we start our synod's program, ABLAZE!, an on-going program to bring Christ, by God's Grace, to those who do not know Him. "How will they know Him if they are not told"..."Were not our hearts burning within us...talking to us about heavenly things"...How can we not spread the good news of Christ cruisified...and of His resurrection!
Oreo, the resident a mom with five fuzzy, fist-sized cute, BUT so prolific...hoping to find homes. Anybody?????
Swimming...every weekday morning at 5am...weekends at 7am.
Work...on the sub-list for crossing guard and lunch aide. No calls yet. Also, getting Kelly's paper work in order to apply for Medicaid and SSDI.
Photo albums...only half done, but working most every day while listening on the net to an Anchorage radio station in the morning.
Not liking the lengthening darkness, BUT only less than 3 months until it starts getting lighter!!! Must remember that the stars and moon in the darkness are God's creation...and also giving God glory by their light...and are viewed by friends many miles away.