Friday, July 25, 2008


Friday ~ July 25, 2008
What an awesome week!!! My sister and youngest niece came to visit for 3 days... our daughter flew in for the weekend... our youngest granddaughter turned 5... we met new friends and saw many old ones, including the doctor I used to work with who always called me, "North Dakota PK", because I am... And, even tho the weather didn't always cooperate [just ask the four people who helped hold up the tent ***while setting up***in a downpour] and I didn't sell one thing [others commented that 'business' was very slow probably due to economy]...we had a GREAT time and are planning on going again next year IF we are in the lower 48. When we returned home for a few days I clothes had shrunk!
Mowing the lawn, watering, preparing to go camping again on Monday until Friday at lakes up by the Canadian border...trying to get 'summer-stuff' in before starting work again when school resumes. AND, I have to figure out time to help prepare the parsonage for our new pastor***the one God knows who will be our Shepherd***between typing the bulletin and power point presentations for worship and farmer's market. Tonight we will go to Orient Express before watching a play in town [ THAT'S different!]

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