Sunday, October 19, 2008


Sunday ~ October 19, 2008
Another beautiful day in days and calling days. No school last Thursday or Friday so I tried to rearrange/organize/clean and get ready for a puppy. Well, not a puppy, but a 60 pound 2 year old...our daughter' take care of and love until she has a place that allows pets. Schmitty has been told...she yowled and stalked off, sharpening her claws and practicing hissing. Life will not be the same after tomorrow!
Pastors...another 'P' word. We had a call meeting to call a candidate either from the winter graduating class or from the spring one in May. God already has had one picked out for us from the beginning of time so now we just trust in Him to provide. So...tomorrow the call documents have to be prepared (read: delete a few specific things and print:-)) and mailed and mailings to all the members stating what was voted on today. Besides that I have many phone calls to make concerning our other daughter's SS benefits, a meeting to go to and physical therapy in the afternoon. Did I mention organization? Thinking I've got to figure out how to do that!

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The Parson's Wife said...

I want a puppy! I have a pastor! I am happy that your call meeting went well. Some seminarian will be blessed with your congregation! I hope that I will know them. You keep up the awesome mommy-ing, taking care of daughter and SS and Dr.'s...Miss you dearly. Shawn <><