Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thursday ~ November 13, 2008
It feels like winter...windy, cold, some flakes at times. This is the time, when it's windy and cold, that I don't like to stand on the corner and help those little misguided (most of them because they are GRIZ fans!) little people across the street...but do it willingly and with a smile because that's the job God has given me at the moment. A week from Saturday is the CAT/GRIZ game...and most of the middle schoolers seem to be on the wrong side. Every chance I get I try to set them straight...alas...most are stubborn and keep wearing the sweatshirts/hats that have some 'bear' logo on them. week...those who have salad will have to eat off of gold and blue plates...AND...since I make the bulletin for worship those members who are also misguided will have to read off of gold paper with blue lettering as will the wiser Bobcat fans.
Kelly is doing well after surgery; however, the back pain and fibromyalgia are still debilitating. Her drain will come out on Monday, hopefully...and we'll go to GFalls the first week in Dec. for a follow-up appointment.
The cat (not Bob) and the dog are now eyeing each other from about 20 feet with a gate between them, with Schmitty emitting low long m-e-o-w-s voicing her displeasure. Wondering if they'll ever be friends...sigh! She misses going outside, whenever, during the day...I MEAN!...the deck was HERS before this other thing came goes out several times during the night...and, last night was just awesome with beautiful moonlight, almost bright as dusk!

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