Friday, July 25, 2008


Friday ~ July 25, 2008
What an awesome week!!! My sister and youngest niece came to visit for 3 days... our daughter flew in for the weekend... our youngest granddaughter turned 5... we met new friends and saw many old ones, including the doctor I used to work with who always called me, "North Dakota PK", because I am... And, even tho the weather didn't always cooperate [just ask the four people who helped hold up the tent ***while setting up***in a downpour] and I didn't sell one thing [others commented that 'business' was very slow probably due to economy]...we had a GREAT time and are planning on going again next year IF we are in the lower 48. When we returned home for a few days I clothes had shrunk!
Mowing the lawn, watering, preparing to go camping again on Monday until Friday at lakes up by the Canadian border...trying to get 'summer-stuff' in before starting work again when school resumes. AND, I have to figure out time to help prepare the parsonage for our new pastor***the one God knows who will be our Shepherd***between typing the bulletin and power point presentations for worship and farmer's market. Tonight we will go to Orient Express before watching a play in town [ THAT'S different!]

Monday, July 14, 2008


FRESH BLUEBERRIES WITH 1/2 & 1/2 AND SPLENDA (calories are off-set)...WATERMELON AND CANTALOPE WITH SEA SALT(have you ever heard of a fish with high blood pressure?)...I LOVE FRUIT SEASON!!!
Getting ready to go 'south' again tomorrow. My sister and their youngest daughter will meet us in Belgrade for several days...BRINGING BEEF, THE BEST BEEF IN THE WORLD!...and our daughter will be flying in on Friday until Sunday so will have a good visit even tho I'll have to be at Summerfest Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon selling wall hangings and matted photos...and listening to bands all day long...and visiting with friends.
FYI...allergic eye reaction to different eye make-up gets pretty bad when combined with sun and wind...the swelling is finally going down and the eye is open more so I can see out of it again:-) Hmmmm...wonder if the EAR drops I used for the eye really did help...or...if it would have cleared up anyway...
OK...gotta clean out coolers for beef...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


July 9, 2008 ~ Wednesday
Beautiful, beautiful weather!!! We just returned from fourth of July festivities, enjoying time spent with our friends...the parade...the rodeo...the fireworks...the TWO elephant ears...then, camping with our son and his family and a bunch of their friends...probably had 20-25 people total off and on...and two big dogs and about 7 Blue Healers, all on a lake. We learned, after 5 years of having our Arctic Fox, how to take out/put in the awning (thanks to our son...exciting!) I read, did sudoku, did beading [as did our 5 yr. old granddaughter for 2 straight hours one day], enjoyed everyone...yup, had a few BL's...and just did what I wanted and relaxed in God's majestic landscape. Next up??? Summerfest 2008 on the 18th, 19th, and 20th...having a booth...selling my wares (wall hangings, matted photos, handmade cards)...and our friends will have carved wooden pieces for sale. Exciting because my sister, her youngest daughter and our daughter will all be there for a short while. oter things. The parsonage is getting a laminate, carpet on stars, and vinyl where window treatments...all before a new pastor arrives.
Not to change the subject, but...WE ATE AT THE HU HOT TODAY...YUMMY!
Where are you Larry and Bette????