Saturday, May 2, 2009


Saturday ~ May 2, 2009 three weeks!!! Have you ever tried to take the mattress off an overhead slide-in camper bed? By yourself>>>turning and flipping it>>>by yourself? Actually, there isn't room for more than one, BUT it's difficult! Then there's the mattress pad and sheet...thanks to friends, I now use a dowel to help get the top end under the mattress. That took a couple hours...
Then...mowed the lawn and dug up sod to make life easier...eventually.
Tomorrow we have a voter's meeting after communion worship at 9:30am...first morning service in a year! And then a bit of shopping...for lawn stuff mostly.
And...we await the arrival of friends from Ohio...the dowel friends;-)...later this week...met them in AK in 2006. It'll be sooo much fun!
Have talked several times with our new pastor...God always knew exactly who St. Peter awesome is that!!!

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The Parson's Wife said...

Indeed it is awesome! Blessings on your camping trips for the year. You are such a hard worker, and I know how much you enjoy the "down" time of your nature trips in your camper...

Bless your morning worship and may HE guide your voter's meeting!