Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010 ~ Monday
It's a non-Alaska summer, much to our dismay; HOWEVER, it has been raining in Talkeetna since the end of May with maybe 5 days of non-rain. Don't know how much or if just showers...but we're not going to get a fungus this way!
We have had our camper on the move...Memorial Day weekend found us at our son's home...and found him working in Yellowstone for several days instead of camping. Did I say it was raining in Talkeetna?! Well, it was raining where we were, just stayed in his drive and enjoyed grandkids. June 5th was our oldest granddaughter's high school graduation...great ceremony, with friends and family afterward. Our youngest daughter and a niece drove up from CO and WY...for the day. It was awesome!
For three weeks in June we did NE/SD border via Lake Sakakawea(YUP, that how it's spelled) in attend the same niece's wedding...on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River...100 degrees but with a wind and low humidity (almost unheard of in that area!). A beautiful rain, BUT the next day it poured! 5 inches in less than 3 hours in north central NE...which has had major 'rain events' (wonder what that much rain was called before the invention of 'events' in the weather world) this summer (14 inches within 2 weeks in late spring with numerous INCHES since we were there!)...flooded and washed out roads...tornados...winds...
Summerfest 2010 in Livingston, MT...on the way home from NE...stayed with the friends who had gone to AK with us 2 years ago...listened to music, visited...had a great time! I'm in Denver. Well, Aurora, helping our youngest get squared away for a move down to Colorado Springs. On Saturday we drove to Breckenridge to see a couple of her friends...had a wonderful time... a gorgeous drive...good food...yummy drinks! I really like CO...and NO BODY can beat their pedicures!!!

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