Friday, November 23, 2007


November 23, 2007 ~ Friday everything. What an awesome Father, to GIVE us all we need to live in the world He created! And, to GIVE His only Son to die...and rise again...for our sins...and whose birthday we are to celebrate soon. Giving us blessings and because of what Christ has done for us. Family, friends, food, government, peace, work, freedom, shelter, clothing, health, recreation...all gifts from God.
Winter is just around the corner...the air is colder...needles are gone from the tamarack branches...craft shows have sprung up (purchased a wooden wall hanging with the sillouette of the head of a moose)...Cat/Griz game has come and gone, car has to be started several minutes before leaving early in the morning. It's been colder here than at Talkeetna! BUT, they have several inches of snow and we still have bare ground. Someday...someday, we might spend a winter...or our second home.

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