Friday, November 30, 2007


Friday ~ November 30, 2007
IT IS COLD! Colder even than Talkeetna. Almost zero this morning. It reminds me of my in a bigger town just before Christmas, looking at the window displays, watching the pizza guys 'throw' the dough and eating hamburgers with orange pop from King Leos.
I've been viewing a, a site that lets families stay connected during a medical crisis. The families can post to this site and tell of their loved ones circumstances...and guests can sign in and leave messages. There are two people I'm praying for and reading of their days full of chemo, surgery, radiation...and joy, because they know Jesus as their Saviour. One is a 10 year old girl who has bone cancer...the other a 15 month old girl with neuroblastoma. Such courage these little children have...and their endure what they have to go thru...all with God's grace and help... My problems are so small...

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