Sunday, December 16, 2007


Sunday ~ December 16, 2007
My life has been a roller coaster! Well...not really...just my emotions from reading about children having cancer. I can't say it's gotten me 'down', but in a reflective mood, thinking of all the blessings we have whether sick or not, whether rich or not...because we all have that one Gift that is so freely given us...and yet some wish to dicard it for the pleasures of the world. Go to this website: and read about Kennedy...from there go to Kayla's, who lost her fight with cancer at 14 months old...and then realize what devastation is in their family's lives, YET what believing in Jesus as their Saviour has done for them! It's His birthday...CELEBRATE!!!
Our 'bald-headed' daughter...shaved for a fund-raiser for Kennedy last month...will be home in a week...for a week! She is a Lutheran school teacher...6th to 8th grade (can you imagine!) and social studies. She's moulding those little minds even more than her mom who serves lunch to those ages with a smile every school day. I always remember that even if there is one...or two... that are a trial to deal with, they are also invited to celebrate His birthday. One of my former Sunday School 'kids'...way-back-when...was a little devil, but...guess what! He's now a Christian Pastor! Only God knows what will happen because of a smile...

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