Monday, December 31, 2007


Monday ~ December 31, 2007
And the old year is done...with all it's blessings, both the awesome moments, which we all need, that make us realize God is giving us more than we ever deserved...and the heartaches, which we all need, that God has let happen to make us stronger in our faith to fully trust in Him.
Our daughter is still here, leaving on Wednesday, I'm sure after riding the 4 wheeler for the hundredth time. This is the one who had her hair shaved for an 11 year old girl who has bone looks pretty good short...probably an inch long now, to be worn *mohawk-style...or...spiky...or...*. Kennedy has a web-site...
a beautiful young girl with a wonderful mom and siblings who are awesome witnesses...their faith has not wavered in their stuggle with this horrible disease and they are calling the new year *A YEAR OF MIRACLES*.
This year...not my resolutions...but my absolute intentions: swimming every day for at least an hour and a half...loosing weight...organizing myself and my home...beginning each day walking with my Father who will lead me according to His will.


P Sebastian said...

Thanks for the picture of Tasha - looks pretty good. Decluttering is one of my goals for 2008 - I call it de-Martha-cizing because we moved John's 89 year old aunt Marha from Townsend, MT to Bismarck in Oct and she had so much "stuff." She still had bouquets of fake fur flowers. I de-Martha-cized my bathroom a couple weeks ago and it felt so goooooooooooood!

Chrysa said... you've made me even more frantic to get rid of all my 'fake fur flowers'! Jack likes his tho so it's a no-go there.
How are you guys doing???