Monday, December 31, 2007


Monday ~ December 31, 2007
And the old year is done...with all it's blessings, both the awesome moments, which we all need, that make us realize God is giving us more than we ever deserved...and the heartaches, which we all need, that God has let happen to make us stronger in our faith to fully trust in Him.
Our daughter is still here, leaving on Wednesday, I'm sure after riding the 4 wheeler for the hundredth time. This is the one who had her hair shaved for an 11 year old girl who has bone looks pretty good short...probably an inch long now, to be worn *mohawk-style...or...spiky...or...*. Kennedy has a web-site...
a beautiful young girl with a wonderful mom and siblings who are awesome witnesses...their faith has not wavered in their stuggle with this horrible disease and they are calling the new year *A YEAR OF MIRACLES*.
This year...not my resolutions...but my absolute intentions: swimming every day for at least an hour and a half...loosing weight...organizing myself and my home...beginning each day walking with my Father who will lead me according to His will.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Friday ~ December 28, 2007
CELEBRATE WITH JOY! because God sent His Son, Jesus, to be born for die for us...and to rise for us! The greatest gift of all...sent to love us...and, because of this, we should love one another...and show it in our lives. This will be the last year we give physical gifts to each other...from now on we will help a needy family, give to the food bank, give to a charity, not only at Christmas, but all year, showing our love for the One who saves us.
Our youngest daughter did make it home from CO...a day late due to bad roads and ugly weather, but is here until next week. Toured her 'old' middle school which has been remodeled and is now 'top of the line'...she's jealous because she wants the science equipment in HER school.
We had a little excitement last night due to an arrest two houses down from a deputy sheriff's folk's yard...with that deputy sheriff 'putting the guy down himself'. First heard about it a couple hours before the arrest, that they were looking for an armed, of course, the men in the different houses had their rifles/shotguns loaded and handy. Good thing the various dogs didn't cold nose them in their nearly nonexsistant attire!
Snowing softly here with the chickadees eating from their feeder...a nice comfy winter scene...

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Sunday ~ December 16, 2007
My life has been a roller coaster! Well...not really...just my emotions from reading about children having cancer. I can't say it's gotten me 'down', but in a reflective mood, thinking of all the blessings we have whether sick or not, whether rich or not...because we all have that one Gift that is so freely given us...and yet some wish to dicard it for the pleasures of the world. Go to this website: and read about Kennedy...from there go to Kayla's, who lost her fight with cancer at 14 months old...and then realize what devastation is in their family's lives, YET what believing in Jesus as their Saviour has done for them! It's His birthday...CELEBRATE!!!
Our 'bald-headed' daughter...shaved for a fund-raiser for Kennedy last month...will be home in a week...for a week! She is a Lutheran school teacher...6th to 8th grade (can you imagine!) and social studies. She's moulding those little minds even more than her mom who serves lunch to those ages with a smile every school day. I always remember that even if there is one...or two... that are a trial to deal with, they are also invited to celebrate His birthday. One of my former Sunday School 'kids'...way-back-when...was a little devil, but...guess what! He's now a Christian Pastor! Only God knows what will happen because of a smile...

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Sunday ~ December 9, 2007
I have mentioned my friend before...started WW in Oct. of 2005...and *YES*!...has lost over 200 lbs.! Just awesome...a good friend and an inspiration to all of us who know her. She is looking fantastic...had surgery to remove pounds of skin in Oct. and is hoping to have more surgery in February. Way to go!!!
Fake Christmas trees...didn't think I'd like them, but they can turn out beautiful...and will post the picture.
It's snowing...nice peaceful afternoon with a fire, the tree, and...OK, wine, but only a glass. Think I'll cut out a wall hanging pattern (similar to the wooden moose)...and hope the wine doesn't interfere.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Saturday, December 8, 2007
The little 15 month old baby from CO is now in heaven dancing with Jesus. It was early Sunday morning when her parents held her and let go, so hard, yet so joyful knowing where she was headed. If anyone would like to visit her website, and then, from there, go to the foundation site, here it is:
Heartbreak for the family and friends, but no more pain for Kayla!
Getting cold again, but no more precip. This last week was very mild with temps into the 30's and SUN! I wouldn't mind rain all winter if the temps would stay above freezing.
I am down-sizing for Christmas...not worshipping or remembering the real reason is the birth of Christ, but the material things and the gifts... And am really trying not to spend a lot of money on things I don't need. Very hard at times, but rewarding in the long run.
To swimming I go...