Monday, February 18, 2008


Monday ~ February 18, 2008
Yup..another bummer...our friends from AK won't be able to come down this summer...was SOOOO looking forward to seeing them again! Committments...sometimes get in the way of what we WANT!
I've been looking at pc's...for church. The one there is 5 years old and has decided, since connecting to the net last week, that the memory is full and also no room on the hard drive AND the printer is acting up... The Geek Squad guy said he usually recommends an upgrade, BUT since we're still in the stoneage with our technology, we really should upgrade TO A NEW COMPUTER! YEAH, RIGHT! THAT'S not in the budget! So going to try and delete...something... There is one at Best Buy WITH A PRIINTER for less than $500... My thoughts? Why spend a dollar to save a dime with upgrades when a new one is not so much?
Seems the wall hangings are on hold for a couple weeks probably. Our outdoor ministry is going to the fair...the KALS ministry fair on the 1st of March, so, that has to be prepared for...with displays and A BANNER. That's right...I went shopping today for to think of how to do the pattern, BUT I'VE GOT ALMOST TWO WEEKS...right?

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