Thursday, March 6, 2008


March 6, 2008 Thursday
Beautiful blue sky! A nice day for a drive...back from our daughter's bariatric doctor over 200 miles away where there isn't any snow; HOWEVER, a lot of snow between here and there. Three weeks ago I was getting a banner ready for a ministry fair, but was interrupted by Kelly ending up in the hospital for stomach pain/dehydration...ulcer(S) is the diagnosis, so will treat with two different meds and soft diet for 6 weeks and make the trip to her doctor again to determine what next to do. The banner did get done...lots of people at the fair so maybe some will remember the name *ATHELAS OUTDOOR MINISTRY*. Also, typing the orders' of service on power point for Sundays and Wednesday Lenten services and will try to install software to help with that this next week. AND...after a three week 'hiatus' from wall hangings, will start sewing again in hopes of selling a bunch...somewhere...somehow.
The Eastern Front is really pretty...mountains to the west full of snow...prairie to the east with no snow...God's handiwork displayed everwhere!

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