Thursday, April 10, 2008


April 10, 2008 ~ Thursday
...the day to reup minutes on our Cell One Alaska phone so we can keep our added $20 more for a total of $110 AND THEN WAS TOLD THAT AT&T HAS BOUGHT CELL ONE OUT, but ***it would be easy to switch and roll over our minutes by just GOING TO AN AT&T STORE BECAUSE IT CAN'T BE DONE OVER THE PHONE***!!! OK...guess what? NO AT&T stores in MT and didn't find where the closest one is because we aren't leaving MT this summer. Called their number and was told that our phone would be able to transfer, but, no, the minutes COULD NOT be rolled-over. Called Cell One back and they said again that the minutes would be ok...called AT&T, a very nice lady, who understood where I was coming from, called AT&T for me, talked to them, then I talked to the guy for 45 minutes and were 'just about there' when he said I needed a new phone...FCC rules that you can't transfer phones between told him I wanted the least expensive ($9.95), gave him our address, etc. and then he said, "I'm sorry, but the system doesn't recognize your address. Is there another address I could send it to?" APPARENTLY, MONTANA DOES NOT EXSIST IN THE AT&T NETWORK ALTHO OUR ALASKA PHONE DOES WORK HERE!!! I told him to***forget it and hung up***!!! I AM NOT recommending AT&T to anyone and will tell them why!!!
On the up-side for the day...called the state for an interview on food stamps for Kelly...a very very nice lady who said they should never have been stopped while waiting for a hearing on obtaining SSI and SSDI, so will pick up an application again for Kelly. AND, we are hoping it does not take 12 MONTHS for that hearing!
Rabbits and bunnies...12 bunnies have now found a new home (out in the woods where they'll be happy and scamper around without a care in the world because there is new grass growing for eating) now for the other 3 little ones and the two moms and dads. A little bit worried tho since we think there are new ones under the deck/shed. WILL IT NEVER END!

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