Sunday, April 20, 2008


April 20, 2008 ~ Sunday this morning there was a rabbit that looks just like one of the moms (Oreo)...AND another little black bunny. The look-a-like is probably 4-6 months old and, I'm thinking, a male, so...we trapped him post-haste and sent him on his way to a new home. Now for the little ones...and the moms at the end of the week.
Cold again...14 above this morning. I, last weekend...when we had summer. It was nice.
Our church is loosing it's Shepherd...May 4th is Pastor's last Sunday, so then we will be in the process of calling a new pastor, whether it be a candidate or one already in the field, God only knows. AND, thank God He does and has already prepared His choice for St. Peter, even if he and we don't know who it is yet. So...this spring and summer, at least, will be busy with meetings & cleaning/repairing the parsonage...which will be interesting because St. Peter's members are known for being gone frequently during the summer months. We're not going to Alaska this year so will be 'around', but will be gone several weekends anyway. All will work out in God's time.

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