Monday, June 23, 2008


June 23, 2008 ~ Monday sky...clouds...breezy...usually just very pleasant and I'm soooo enjoying!
Sat at the farmer's market on Saturday...and it was a success!!! Sold 3 cards at $2each, paid my $2 space fee, bought $16 in plants...and added to my tan. Next Saturday: the same...except for the amount sold and the plants...
We have a Wii!!! Now, why would two 'old' people buy a game box thingy to play??? Cuz it's really really fun and you even get to exercise. Bowling and target practice are my favorite. Cow racing my grandkids beat me at...
We have started working on the parsonage...pulling nails, taking curtain holders down...spackling...and tomorrow someone is going to measure for the vinyl in the kitchen, baths and utility...just hoping we have enough help to get it all done, at least, by the end of August when ***school starts again***.

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