Monday, June 30, 2008


June 30, 2008 ~ Monday in 96 degrees, but cooling nicely this evening WHILE I BAKE COOKIES...which I never do, but thought I'd be a grandma since we're headed down to see family and friends...AND GO CAMPING! Yes, camping...with our oldest son and his family, some of their friends and maybe, just maybe, our youngest son and his family might show up...and maybe, just maybe, the friends who went to Alaska with us last year might show up...
HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY, AMERICA! What a country to live be able to go anywhere we want...see anyone we anything we mostly what we want or need...worship the way we want. God is so good to us...and we appreciate Him by taking His name away from governmnet, schools, sad is that, yet how full of grace He is! To God be the glory!

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The Parson's Wife said...

Goodness! What a rollercoaster weather month! I really prefer the snow, but know how much you love the summer and your beautiful flowers, and er, hmmm, those incredible cookouts that you and Jack enjoy! I continue to read your blog, and miss the AK trip notes this year. How we miss you and majestic Montana! God Bless you and yours! Shawn <><

btw, thanks for the Sola comment on my blog, I am so thankful that my dh is a faithful-to-the-Word pastor, as was your dad!