Monday, August 18, 2008


Monday ~ August 18, 2008
It is HOT! Hit 99.1 degrees this afternoon and I was...out shoveling gravel...on my birthday and am now sitting, after a cooling shower, in the breeze of a fan. YUM!
I've... had calls, e-cards, txt, and e-mails from my children and friends...gone out for lunch with my husband at the Hu-Hot Mongolian Grill (free cheesecake!)...made plans for two free meals on different days at different restaurants and Dairy Queen for a peanut buster parfait ($2.49 on sale...stock up now while you can!!!) YUM!
The gravel...remember the bunnies??? Dug under the deck??? I redug their burrows and spread chicken wire then gravel so now it's ready for wood stacking. Also, spread gravel on the back .0040 flower bed made earlier this summer.
We met a couple from Austin, TX while camping a couple weeks ago, exchanged e-mail addresses and blogspots...and I saw her and her 'puppy' at farmer's market on Saturday! We talked for a while...they are looking for a place to buy either here or in ID, but the cost is prohibative right now. They've been trying their luck at fishing...none...well, a couple bites, but mostly...none.
The rest of the day I'm just going to laze around (I do that most of the time anyhow so am really good at it)...and eat the angel food cake I made this morning...lemon drizzle on it...YUM!

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