Saturday, September 6, 2008

Where has all the summer gone...

Saturday ~ September 6, 2008
It's September!!! BUT...where did summer go???? I want it back...NOW!
So, school has started, the first week is over, AND YES!, no one was hit by a car. That makes me happy since I'm crossing again this year, along with giving the middle schoolers smiles at lunch.
Such a busy time...unloading the camper and cleaning it, bringing wood up to stack under the deck for winter, work, swimming, calling a new pastor. Looking at this there seems to be a lot I still have to do, as in...the majority. Camper will be unloaded tomorrow, but cleaning will have to wait until sometime after 4pm when I'm done with work for the day...wood will have to be done anytime I get unlazy and get a chance... Also, trying to 'sell my wares' at the farmer's is not going well. Then, there is the on-going matter of trying to get our daughter on SSDI, so...we wait... Just hope there is help for her pain soon. Think about this...the worst muscle ache you've ever had...or...the worst cramping diarrhea you've in and day out, minute after minute and second after second, all over her body, with no relief in sight. When John McCain was on the other night they told of his 5 plus year imprisonment and the torture he endured. He'd know what Kelly is going thru.
Speaking of McCain...brings Palin to mind. You know she IS our half governor since we have land in AK:-) I'm quite impressed with her...thinking she doesn't take any guff and she has some very good ideas...I'm thinking they have my vote!


The Parson's Wife said...

AAAhhhhhh, suh-weeee-t LOVE your new pics! Your grandchildren are adorable, just like their grandma! BTW, I was blessed just now with a UPS package all the way from Montana! The fabric is awesome! I am so thankful for you and for your thoughtfulness. Blessings, Shawn <><

Chrysa said...

Yea, the pkg. arrived!!! Did ya like the 'face'???:) Hope you can use everything...sometime anyway.