Friday, February 6, 2009


February 6, 2009 ~ Friday
Icy roads...for the second time this winter I had to back up half a mile on our trail at 5am...the car just was NOT going to make the top of the hill. And it was only another 20 feet!!! So, I called the school and told them I couldn't cross this morning. Tried again later morning, but a called 'the lunch boss' to tell him I couldn't make it, but one of my co-workers was nice enough to send her husband after me. The trails still don't have gravel on them and it's been raining/snowing off and on all day. BUT...a blessing in disguise because I could make some needed phone calls and not have to worry about stopping to go to work. Also, installed Trend Micro on my laptop...twice, because the first one couldn't after 30 min. since I needed an installer first. All this = headache; HOWEVER, I received a hand held massager for Christmas and that did the trick for my neck/head.
The fog has been terrible, but, there again, another blessing since the trees/fences/shrubs were all bathed in white. Well, some of them were only half white, a tell-tale sign of which way the fog headed.
Since I didn't make it in to church today I need to go before worship on Sunday and move boxes...maybe even unload some of them, organizing the office a bit better. And, still have to move the computer/moniter back into it's home, along with the printer...and then the copier. Kinda like the story of the man with a goose, feed, and a fox that has to go across the river, but could only carry two at a time...OR...moving vehicles from field to field with only 2 drivers. Now that brings back good memories of my teen years, helping my uncle in the grain fields.

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