Saturday, January 31, 2009


January 31, 2009 ~ Saturday
...well, it feels like it these last couple days, but we North Dakotans know better! Yesterday was beautiful with melting and sunshine, what people in NW MT look forward to everyday since it's, on average, cloudy 2/3rds of the time.
Our oldest son and his wife are pregnant!!! Due 9/9/09! The age span of the older two will be the same as the younger two. Needness to say, the Labor Day campout will be very close to home in case the labor day is a bit early.
Tomorrow after worship we'll clear out the office/narthax for carpet cleaning on Monday and installation of new carpet on Tuesday/Wednesday. I...ALL BY MYSELF...unplugged and replugged the computer/printer/router and IT'S WORKING!!! Isn't color coding wonderful! I was so worried I'd goof up that I marked each wire with tape and writing, telling exactly where all were to be plugged. During the time I can't be in the office I'll be 'playing' with power point in the sanctuary, transporting services from Lutheran Service Builder into our presentation. It's so nice having wireless!

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