Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 4, 2009 ~ Friday
Haines Jct., Yukon Territory...the junction to Haines (where there are hundreds of eagles and across the canal from Skagway) or Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway. Someday...SOMEDAY...we'll go to Haines. This time it'll be the Alaska Highway, staying in Teslin tonight, then Liard Hot Springs Sunday. Of course, the phone number for reservations is hiding SOMEWHERE in this camper, plus it's a long weekend for the Canadians, resulting in possibly no camping site at Liard. There is no termination dust on these mountains and it rained most of the night...doesn't even appear that a frost has hit here yet, but 99% of the way yesterday the colors again stood out along the road and on the hillsides. Most of the day was cloudy or overcast, making it all the more brilliant to the lens.

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