Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19, 2009 ~ Saturday
REALLY...we haven't been 'stuck' in Canada in limbo...just haven't had time or been able to connect to the www until now. So...from The Shepherd's Inn (where some 20 miles north the real wilderness begins...the last flush toilet rest area) to Grande Cache (on the Bighorn Hwy 40 in AB...they SAID they had WiFi!) to 20 miles north of the Yellowhead Hwy (where we received a txt that our little Karsyn Kay~6th grandchild~had been born...OF COURSE she's perfect!!!) to Shadow Mountains RV (several miles south of Radium Hot Springs, with WiFi but no time to blog) to the border (lots of questions, but they let us in anyway) and overnight at home in Whitefish. Then, onto, our son's home to meet, hold and love Karsyn...and where I could not AGAIN connect. Awesome visit with family and friends, then home again on find that the server was down for the day which coincided with our router not working after the server was again up. Still not on everytime we want to be...and I'm tired of chatting, over 6 hours in the last three days. Stay tuned to find out important things learned on our journey...

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