Monday, January 28, 2008


Monday ~ January 28, 2008
There was one day this past week that was fairly 'warm'...low 30's...washed the car that day so the doors wouldn't be frozen shut the next day. Today there is no school...emergency travel only until later morning due to snowdrifts across roads. And below zero again. Wonder when we'll have to make up the day... I will finish another moose wall hanging...and an elk. Schmitty Kitty loves to help me...lays right on the material while I'm sewing and gets kinda 'lippy' when I need her to move.
Our 4 year old granddaughter is in a BCBS of Montana commercial, starting in April and being shown for a year. We are in the presence of greatness! It'll be fun to see her on tv in her leotards at the gym.
Little Kennedy goes in again for chemo today if her 'counts' are high enough. Such a life! Getting something that can kill you to make you better...who'da thought... Medical science is a God-given knowledge that sometimes is for the good, but because of sin sometimes is for the bad. Not saying chemo is for the bad...but someday maybe a different cure will be found. In the meantime, awareness of childhood cancer must be in the forefront of our thoughts...and with God's help we WILL find a cure.

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