Monday, January 21, 2008


Monday ~ January 21, 2008
And...IT IS COLD! Almost had a North Dakota blizzard Saturday, Actually, I don't think anything could compare (here anyway) to the ND blizzards of my youth! Days and days of snow and blowing snow...with huge drifts...and beautiful wind sculpted white rain! At least here we usually don't have wind! The morning's temp was -19, but 1/4 mile away ONLY -9. Didn't know I was crossing guard this afternoon until lunch so had two coats (one from church) on and waddled around...otherwise could hardly move. Listening to live radio from Anchorage this morning and heard they are in the 30's with rain...which made the roads really slick after freezing would rather have this cold without the rain. Wondering how our home on Malispina Loop looks right now. White. Not much wind there either.
Our outdoor ministry is in gear again for this summer...with mailing of information to numerous churches in a few states. Praying that it will 'take off' and be an awesome witness of God's love and grace.
I'm thinking we are going to have to buy a cord or two of wood...

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