Thursday, January 31, 2008


Thursday ~ January 31, 2008
...that our friends *the ones who drove to AK with us last summer* are not coming up for the WF winter carnival! I was even almost on my way to the camper to find the 'coffee lights'...but the weather/roads are too bad, a dejavu of a previous time....winter in MT, or any place, for that just never knows! I wanted them to see the beautiful snow we have, sitting on the tree branches, postcard only He can make it!
Sew now what will I do with my time this weekend...the horses, caribou and bear are waiting. The quilt/material store downtown has three wall hangings right now and I'm hoping they'll agree to sell them...with a commission, of course. Craig's list...e-bay, maybe, for some other ideas.
Last night St. Peter hosted the young foreign workers...Bolivia, Peru, Chili, Brazil, Italy...who work on the mountain and in the lodges...for a dinner, the second one in as many weeks. First week there were 53, mostly guys...this week 52...and all very gracious and thankful. About 4 are exchange students so knew the high school youth of St. P's. Next week *Lent starts*...and it'll be interesting to see who shows up for the soup suppers before service...hope everyone makes a big pot!
Even tho it's snowing...IT'S GETTING LIGHTER EARLIER AND STAYING LIGHTER LONGER...I can even tell!!!! Does that make me excited??? Maybe...!!!

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