Saturday, September 13, 2008


September 13, 2008 ~ Saturday
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L DAY!!! Not a cloud in the sky...low 70's...just my kind of day!
This week has been BUSY...along with crossing and lunch everyday the call papers were to be filled out and sent to our pastor-elect, suggested time of 24 hours from the call meeting. OK...I'm still filling them out after a week...just had trouble getting them downloaded and now a council meeting is needed to make sure all are 'on the same page'. They WILL be sent on Monday. THEN, a week ago our daughter's SSI lawyer called saying her hearing would be in three weeks, so...we met with him on Wednesday...Thursday gave the dr. papers to fill out, before she admitted Kelly to the hospital for pain/nausea/vomiting control and hydration...released today. Monday we need to travel to Plains so Kelly's former dr. can see her and fill out hearing papers. Think I mentioned wood hauling far 1 1/2 cords under the deck with that much more to go at least. Once Jack worked on the splitter and started using it, the hauling went much faster/easier because of the size. It amazes me how well most of the lengths fit together when stacking...God always provides and that's what I think of when I throw a log on another and it just settles in...a nice comfy feeling.

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