Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sunday ~ September 29, 2008 ***Indian Summer***
...well, kinda. We haven't had a 'killing frost' yet so can it legally be said 'Indian Summer'??? WhatEVer it is, it's really enjoyable! Two flower beds have been downstized and cleaned out...but there are still three others to do; four cords of wood has been split, hauled and stacked under the deck with two more waiting; parsonage still needs finishing touches (mopboards replaced, vents cleaned, window cleaned and blinds hung...), but we have even more time now to do that since the pastor-elect has declined our call; camper will be winterized this week and the cattle panels will be put up for our daughter's dog to come and live with us. This week is our oldest daughter's SS hearing, then we're off to Great Falls to see her bariatric doctor...hoping for some answers there.
AND...I'm dehydrating banana 'chips' right now...pears tonight...borrowed a friends dehydrator and will purchase one of our own since I want to try spagetti, etc. also. Yum! Thinking it'll be easier to have our own dehydrated food for taste-wise rather than buying it with all the perservatives.
Praying people realize the importance of knowing what the candidates stand for...which is more important: money or life??? Think about it!


The Parson's Wife said...

Do you feel someone watching? shhhhh, peeking around? LOL.... I decided to "follow" you, so you are now listed on m blog, just so I know when you are posting... hope that is good with you, Shawn <><

Chrysa said... do you do that cuz I'll list your blog on mine. Now I'll have to post more often:-)