Friday, December 12, 2008


December 12, 2008 ~ Friday
The day the big blizzard and sub-zero temps are suppose to 10 inches of snow with wind and, then, in the middle of it -30...with a high of -9 on Monday...
I'll have to have several layers on for crossing plus hand/toe warmers...uff-da! I can't imagine not having wood for heating in case the electricity goes out. We could live for a month here if that happened which makes me content.
I received a most welcome phone call last night...from a friend in Alaska. Hadn't talked to her in over a year, but have e-mailed. I miss them so! And my other home up north!
This weekend I hope to do...more than I can...this place needs cleaning, organizing, decorating and I need to make some cards and do some beading for problem there as I'd rather do those things than the other. And...Christmas will come whether it's clean or decorated or organized...HIS birthday...our SAVIOUR'S...born a baby, yet a suffer and die and RISE...for US... How awesome is that!!! And He would have done it for just one of us, but He did it for all. Now THAT'S contentment...

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