Monday, December 22, 2008


December 22, 2008 ~ Monday
Our youngest daughter flew in Friday for a week...and we've been shopping, went to a movie, 7 Pounds (good, but confusing at times and would have been more so had we not read the preview beforhand...and, I did cry at the end), eating out and just enjoying each other. Rainier (her dog) was so excited to see her!, but is also confused as to where to sleep at night, with her or with Jack. Yesterday morning our kitty came upstairs for the first time in 2 months...since we had brought home Rainier...and when Rainier came out of Tasha's room there was a HHHHIIIIISSSSSSS and Schmitty chased Rainier downstairs with three more hisses and in a second Rainier was back upstairs without Schmitty. Makes for an entertaining time:-)
Today is a shopping/have lunch with a friend/look for glasses frames day. It's snowing lightly, very little breeze...and cold still, but should warm up to the 20's toward the end of the week when our oldest son and family will be arriving to celebrate Jesus' birth-day with us.

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