Monday, December 15, 2008


December 15, 2008 ~ Monday
How many articles of clothing does one wear not to be cold while crossing on a minus zero day with only a slight breeze...thirteen. It's called...looks like a green nerd...walks like a penguin, but the nerdy penguin is warm. I'm just thankful we aren't in the Dakotas or the Northeast!
I am making my first batch of caramel for this year...recipe given me by a good friend many years ago...never fails, but one never knows if it'll be soft/chewy/hard...but good tasting any which way! Those...and snowball cookies, almond bark dipped pretzels and peanut butter fudge...are the main sweet things made at Christmas. Some of it goes to my sons and their families...some to friends...some to co-workers. There aren't any calories in homemade candies I've been told...
Our youngest daughter will be here on Friday for a week! So many things to house at friends/former Pastor's house...having lunch with former teacher/good friend...but most of all...celebrating Jesus' birth! God's gift to all mankind!

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The Parson's Wife said...

Oh, you are right, those caramels, wow! I always looked forward to the church bake sale to get those! Hope they are the chewy sort this year. Have fun with your sweet youngest home, and keep your layers on. We totally get the neg zero thing, we are we have had TONS of snow... LOVE IT! Tell all hello at your Christmas Open house, we think of you all often... and miss our family there!