Thursday, January 31, 2008


Thursday ~ January 31, 2008
...that our friends *the ones who drove to AK with us last summer* are not coming up for the WF winter carnival! I was even almost on my way to the camper to find the 'coffee lights'...but the weather/roads are too bad, a dejavu of a previous time....winter in MT, or any place, for that just never knows! I wanted them to see the beautiful snow we have, sitting on the tree branches, postcard only He can make it!
Sew now what will I do with my time this weekend...the horses, caribou and bear are waiting. The quilt/material store downtown has three wall hangings right now and I'm hoping they'll agree to sell them...with a commission, of course. Craig's list...e-bay, maybe, for some other ideas.
Last night St. Peter hosted the young foreign workers...Bolivia, Peru, Chili, Brazil, Italy...who work on the mountain and in the lodges...for a dinner, the second one in as many weeks. First week there were 53, mostly guys...this week 52...and all very gracious and thankful. About 4 are exchange students so knew the high school youth of St. P's. Next week *Lent starts*...and it'll be interesting to see who shows up for the soup suppers before service...hope everyone makes a big pot!
Even tho it's snowing...IT'S GETTING LIGHTER EARLIER AND STAYING LIGHTER LONGER...I can even tell!!!! Does that make me excited??? Maybe...!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Monday ~ January 28, 2008
There was one day this past week that was fairly 'warm'...low 30's...washed the car that day so the doors wouldn't be frozen shut the next day. Today there is no school...emergency travel only until later morning due to snowdrifts across roads. And below zero again. Wonder when we'll have to make up the day... I will finish another moose wall hanging...and an elk. Schmitty Kitty loves to help me...lays right on the material while I'm sewing and gets kinda 'lippy' when I need her to move.
Our 4 year old granddaughter is in a BCBS of Montana commercial, starting in April and being shown for a year. We are in the presence of greatness! It'll be fun to see her on tv in her leotards at the gym.
Little Kennedy goes in again for chemo today if her 'counts' are high enough. Such a life! Getting something that can kill you to make you better...who'da thought... Medical science is a God-given knowledge that sometimes is for the good, but because of sin sometimes is for the bad. Not saying chemo is for the bad...but someday maybe a different cure will be found. In the meantime, awareness of childhood cancer must be in the forefront of our thoughts...and with God's help we WILL find a cure.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Monday ~ January 21, 2008
And...IT IS COLD! Almost had a North Dakota blizzard Saturday, Actually, I don't think anything could compare (here anyway) to the ND blizzards of my youth! Days and days of snow and blowing snow...with huge drifts...and beautiful wind sculpted white rain! At least here we usually don't have wind! The morning's temp was -19, but 1/4 mile away ONLY -9. Didn't know I was crossing guard this afternoon until lunch so had two coats (one from church) on and waddled around...otherwise could hardly move. Listening to live radio from Anchorage this morning and heard they are in the 30's with rain...which made the roads really slick after freezing would rather have this cold without the rain. Wondering how our home on Malispina Loop looks right now. White. Not much wind there either.
Our outdoor ministry is in gear again for this summer...with mailing of information to numerous churches in a few states. Praying that it will 'take off' and be an awesome witness of God's love and grace.
I'm thinking we are going to have to buy a cord or two of wood...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Wednesday ~ January 16, 2008
Yup...haven't written for a while... have been busy with church, work, wall hangings, SS, and medicare. Our outdoor ministry is in full swing again, calling and sending information of spiritual retreats to churches in several, everyday for 2 1/2 hours...made 3 1/2 wall hangings, so far (moose, bison, elk, wolf)...waiting on SS in our daughter's appeal...AND, just now medicare has been straightened out and the script part will be flowing smoothly.
We saw our yearly...every 5 last weekend, 'The Bucket List'. A good movie...laughs *and tears*. Also, would like to see 'Charlie Wilson's War', 5 years we could just rent it or watch it on tv...whatEVer!
The winter has been fantastic! Usually in the teens or 20's...BUT THE TREES!!! The snow we have gotten has fallen softly with no wind; therefore, piling up snow on all the branches...just soooo BEAUTIFUL! Hope it's that way in a couple weeks during the Whitefish Winter Carnival. Friends are coming in on Amtrak and will be here for 3 days, so want them to experience that beauty.
Still praying for little Kennedy *and all the child cancer victims...such a devastating disease! Julie, who lost her little Kayla last month, is 'on the hill' in DC lobbying for funds for research of childhood cancer...also, praying for their success in their endevor during their journey thru grief. Sunday we celebrate 'Life Sunday'...preserving the life of the unborn/elderly/sick. God knew us before the world began...knows us here on earth...and wants us to be with Him in heaven. HE is the giver of life and HE is the one who knows when our lives will end...always in control...always a comfort!