Wednesday, January 7, 2009


January 7, 2009 ~ Wednesday
Remember all the snow??? Now it's raining...and really really sloppy.
Schmitty and Rainier had a head-on this morning. Rainier came upstairs and saw the cat and almost flipped heading downstairs again!
Yesterday we hired 4 guys to shovel the snow off our house, double garage, p/u camper, 5th wheel and deck...took one hour...I'm thinking of hiring out for that as the money they make is...pretty good...
But...that would be ALOT of won't.
Did I say it's sloppy????


The Parson's Wife said...

Sloppy, yuck. Remember though the time when the pure white covered all and was beautiful.

Hey, anything about a pastor yet? When is Winter call service?

You don't know how you made Aaron's Day, we were on our way to Duluth, to take him shopping at the mall (our closest mall - 2.5 hours away!)

So miss yo my sweet friend!

Susan said...

are you still going to have snow the last of April? We're going to leave here around April 22nd to head South. If it's a good time we'd like to stop by sometime around the end of April. (I'll mark my spoons.) We're going to travel with some friends who have eight adopted kids and are going to be missionaries in Entebbe, Uganda. Should be a blast!
Susan for all the Brendemuhls