Monday, January 5, 2009


January 5, 2009 ~ Monday
OK...Dec. we officially recieved 37 inches of far in Jan. we've received 21 inches. In 1996-97 by Christmas we had over 90 inches! BUT, now people are worried because we are suppose to have freezing rain/rain...then cold again. Oh, would be a good time to have a roof shoveling business PROVIDED you already have a shovel because those things are rare in the stores anymore. 90 shovels were sold in a hardware store this morning within a couple hours. A friend's snowblower broke last week and there are none in the NW states to buy and to order one in??? Feb. 15th. On my corner for crossing the parents are having a hard time trying to drop off students...banks are fairly high. High enough there could be an accident, not seeing cars coming. I'm thinking Whitefish doesn't have to haul in snow for the Winter Carnival the first part of Feb!

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