Thursday, January 1, 2009

JANUARY 1, 2009

...and I wrote it right for the first (and last?) time this year! When a person is still back in the 20th century it's hard to get those numbers right...
I am off this week still from school and I needed to be...finally getting insurance/medicare/medicaid straight for our daughter. I only have one more call to make and a copy of her madicare card to send to one medical provider...HAHAHAHA ...I haven't gotten yesterday's mail yet, so there may be more.
I'm also organizing somewhat at home...Christmas decorations/tree down and put away...and even my beads are a little bit in the right places! Also, going thru my 3500 photos, deleting or enhancing and keeping. I'd like to get that done before Monday...and it may happen! I lost all our photos of the trip to AK in 2006 because I zipped them and then they were not set up in the right format to unzip...for whatEVer reason, so I will back these up with a flashdrive shortly.
May 2009 be a joyous year full of God's grace!


The Parson's Wife said...

2009... What will it bring?! Grace indeed! With HIS wonderful peace that surpasses my understanding I am able to look forward to whatEVer these earthly daily challenges and joys that pass my way. Blessings my friend!

The Parson's Wife said...

Oh, and I am just so sad about your pics... lost. That is just awful, and another reason to blog... with lots of pics. I better back my files up. Thanks for the reminder.