Saturday, January 17, 2009


January 17, 2009 ~ Saturday
I've been moving books and painting the office at church. We are getting new carpet installed the first part of Feb. and there are wall book shelves...and the ceiling...that don't have to be moved, so I'm ahead of the plan right now. It already looks fresher and lighter...a very small place, but my place of abode during the weekdays between work at school.
We will know all about our new Pastor by Friday afternoon! All we know now is that he's from St. Louis Seminary, is married and they are excited to be coming this way. Their home, the parsonage, is getting the finishing touches done today, so all will be ready when they arrive...which could very well be the first part of Feb.! I just know it's been a blessing during our vacancy to have Pastor get to know him and his family. He's a very compassionate and faithful Shepherd to all of us.
Our blinds arrived last week (I was suppose to open the box to see if everything is there, but then probably some things might disappear before hanging, so didn't) and will be installed by friends on Tuesday morning. IF we loose the HUGE chickadee tree in the back we will welcome those blinds during the summer. Yup...the tree is leaking sap big time...still stable, but...for how long???
We've had mild weather for several weeks the teens during the night, and that or a bit higher during the day. Freezing fog has arrived this weekend...pretty on the trees, but not fun driving/walking. Probably might be picture time when it's lighter...AND SPEAKING OF LIGHTER...IT CERTAINLY IS TAKING IT'S TIME BEING... IN THE MORNINGS! What's with that???

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