Saturday, January 31, 2009


January 31, 2009 ~ Saturday
...well, it feels like it these last couple days, but we North Dakotans know better! Yesterday was beautiful with melting and sunshine, what people in NW MT look forward to everyday since it's, on average, cloudy 2/3rds of the time.
Our oldest son and his wife are pregnant!!! Due 9/9/09! The age span of the older two will be the same as the younger two. Needness to say, the Labor Day campout will be very close to home in case the labor day is a bit early.
Tomorrow after worship we'll clear out the office/narthax for carpet cleaning on Monday and installation of new carpet on Tuesday/Wednesday. I...ALL BY MYSELF...unplugged and replugged the computer/printer/router and IT'S WORKING!!! Isn't color coding wonderful! I was so worried I'd goof up that I marked each wire with tape and writing, telling exactly where all were to be plugged. During the time I can't be in the office I'll be 'playing' with power point in the sanctuary, transporting services from Lutheran Service Builder into our presentation. It's so nice having wireless!

Friday, January 23, 2009


January 23, 2009 ~ Friday
YES...we know his name, his wife's name, no children...and they are excited about moving to MT...have never been here before. He loves to ski and fly fish...just don't know WHERE he'll find to do those things! AND...we are excited to have him come to be our shepherd!!! The middle of April, or thereabout, is the proposed date.
I have my new blinds installed, thanks to a couple friends. Right now we don't need them, but come summer in the later afternoon we'll be happy they are, I'm off early from school and will put the dining room back in order.
The dog and the cat saga...still going on! I'm thinking they will never be friends, with the cat about 12 years old, she is just not going to change her likes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


January 17, 2009 ~ Saturday
I've been moving books and painting the office at church. We are getting new carpet installed the first part of Feb. and there are wall book shelves...and the ceiling...that don't have to be moved, so I'm ahead of the plan right now. It already looks fresher and lighter...a very small place, but my place of abode during the weekdays between work at school.
We will know all about our new Pastor by Friday afternoon! All we know now is that he's from St. Louis Seminary, is married and they are excited to be coming this way. Their home, the parsonage, is getting the finishing touches done today, so all will be ready when they arrive...which could very well be the first part of Feb.! I just know it's been a blessing during our vacancy to have Pastor get to know him and his family. He's a very compassionate and faithful Shepherd to all of us.
Our blinds arrived last week (I was suppose to open the box to see if everything is there, but then probably some things might disappear before hanging, so didn't) and will be installed by friends on Tuesday morning. IF we loose the HUGE chickadee tree in the back we will welcome those blinds during the summer. Yup...the tree is leaking sap big time...still stable, but...for how long???
We've had mild weather for several weeks the teens during the night, and that or a bit higher during the day. Freezing fog has arrived this weekend...pretty on the trees, but not fun driving/walking. Probably might be picture time when it's lighter...AND SPEAKING OF LIGHTER...IT CERTAINLY IS TAKING IT'S TIME BEING... IN THE MORNINGS! What's with that???

Thursday, January 8, 2009


January 8, 2009 ~ Thursday
...but don't know anything more except he's married and they are excited about moving to NW Montana!!! Well! Who wouldn't be???!!! Mountains...lakes...streams...wonderful people, friendly...usually mild winters...awesome summers... The winter placement is different than the spring in that the candidates know before the placement service... Why? Don't know, but I am really excited!
Still sloppy! I had to back down our trail 1/2 mile this morning because my car couldn't make a very small hill...backed right back into our drive and stayed home until the guy that lives here took me to crossing. That was fun, too...buses dropping kids off a block away because a car was stuck on the road they usually having to walk thru puddles, no way around. I must say the drivers are watching me much closer because of the conditions and for that I'm very thankful.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


January 7, 2009 ~ Wednesday
Remember all the snow??? Now it's raining...and really really sloppy.
Schmitty and Rainier had a head-on this morning. Rainier came upstairs and saw the cat and almost flipped heading downstairs again!
Yesterday we hired 4 guys to shovel the snow off our house, double garage, p/u camper, 5th wheel and deck...took one hour...I'm thinking of hiring out for that as the money they make is...pretty good...
But...that would be ALOT of won't.
Did I say it's sloppy????

Monday, January 5, 2009


January 5, 2009 ~ Monday
OK...Dec. we officially recieved 37 inches of far in Jan. we've received 21 inches. In 1996-97 by Christmas we had over 90 inches! BUT, now people are worried because we are suppose to have freezing rain/rain...then cold again. Oh, would be a good time to have a roof shoveling business PROVIDED you already have a shovel because those things are rare in the stores anymore. 90 shovels were sold in a hardware store this morning within a couple hours. A friend's snowblower broke last week and there are none in the NW states to buy and to order one in??? Feb. 15th. On my corner for crossing the parents are having a hard time trying to drop off students...banks are fairly high. High enough there could be an accident, not seeing cars coming. I'm thinking Whitefish doesn't have to haul in snow for the Winter Carnival the first part of Feb!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


January 3, 2009~Saturday
I really needed listen to Steve Greene and just hear what God says...soooo calming. I've just been too busy and this afternoon I just sat and listened...and feel renewed.
20 inches of snow yesterday...almost even with our front steps now. Rainier won't jump off...guess she knows she'll not be found until spring.
The photos...have been saved to a flash drive, now I'm tagging them which is pretty cool and didn't realize the convenience of doing that.
I'll miss the days for myself when I go back to work Monday. I'm just going to have to keep time for what needs to be done at home, too...hard to juggle when I only have less than 2 hours between work.

Friday, January 2, 2009


January 2, 2009 ~ Friday the snow falling. "Be still and know that I am God." He's graced our part of the country with fluffy white snowflakes, about 16 inches of them in a 24 hours period. Remember the enclosed fence we put up for Rainier? Yea... if this keeps up she'll just walk over the top. But, it is an awesome wonder...if God can make each snowflake different I'm kinda real sure He'll care for us no matter what comes: weather, decline of country/economy, any disaster He allows. And...why would He allow a disaster to happen? So we will trust more fully in Him, depending ONLY on Him for all our needs! Be still...God's grace is everywhere...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

JANUARY 1, 2009

...and I wrote it right for the first (and last?) time this year! When a person is still back in the 20th century it's hard to get those numbers right...
I am off this week still from school and I needed to be...finally getting insurance/medicare/medicaid straight for our daughter. I only have one more call to make and a copy of her madicare card to send to one medical provider...HAHAHAHA ...I haven't gotten yesterday's mail yet, so there may be more.
I'm also organizing somewhat at home...Christmas decorations/tree down and put away...and even my beads are a little bit in the right places! Also, going thru my 3500 photos, deleting or enhancing and keeping. I'd like to get that done before Monday...and it may happen! I lost all our photos of the trip to AK in 2006 because I zipped them and then they were not set up in the right format to unzip...for whatEVer reason, so I will back these up with a flashdrive shortly.
May 2009 be a joyous year full of God's grace!