Sunday, June 24, 2007


June 23 ~ Saturday ~ sprinkles.
Left the beach a little after 8am, going to the military campground, where Steve and family have stayed, to pick up rockfish fillets, then on to Anchorage where we try to find parking spots for our vehicles (remember... S/B are pulling their 12 foot tin tent everywhere to live in...) so we can shop the Saturday Market (over 100 booths set up in a parking lot in downtown Anchorage). Didn't find a parking spot, but found a one-way street***going the other way***. Just another BEHIND thing on this trip, Jack's first blunder. (Stan's first one was leaving the accessories to their new Roadtrip BBQ home. Mine was burning our dinner one night. Blooie doesn't have any...YET!). Anyway...we did NOT stop at the market, but went on to find the Native Heritage Center where Blooie bought the moccasins she'd been looking for...then left for J/J's. We WILL be back to go thru the center...and shop the market...and experience an earthquake in a theater...using the 2for1's/freebies in our coupon book. Blogged during the evening while visiting with relaxing here and friends fun to be with...sad it's our last night with S/B and Emmy Mae!

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