Thursday, June 28, 2007


June 27 ~ Wednesday ~ bright and sunny!!!
On our way down to the Kenai and Ninilchik to stay at David/Cindy's house...too late to go to the Heritage Center, but will catch that and other places in July. A beautiful drive and can even see Mt. Redoubt from the Sterling Highway 15 miles east of Soldotna...but can't take pictures due to the bouncing of the pickup and probably wouldn't have turned out anyway because of the blending of colors with the sky. Stopped at Freddy's (Fred Meyer) for fuel, etc., then on to Ninilchik, and 'our' parking spot at the Schnabl acres. The Caribou Hill's fire (73,000 acres)is partially contained NE of here, but fire camp is still at the school and business at Lindsay's coffee shop has been sorta brisk, along with the pizza sales made by Cindy and friends for the BB team at school. Tomorrow morning I should help Cindy...but will probably sleep in as she's at school by 6am...

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